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Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes for Sonic Mania which can be accessed by inputting button sequences or by various other methods.


To unlock the following in this list, you must complete the Bonus Stages to earn medals. Only silver medals are necessary to unlock everything listed here.

  • Super Peel-Out: Collect 1 medal. You can replace Sonic's Drop Dash with the Super Peel-Out from Sonic CD.
  • Insta-Shield: Collect 6 medals. You can replace Sonic's Drop Dash with the Insta-Shield from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • & Knuckles Mode: Collect 11 medals. This allows you to have Knuckles follow you around as a partner, even if you are Knuckles.
  • Debug Mode: Collect 16 medals. You can enable Debug Mode during gameplay.
    • During gameplay, press Triangle (PS4)/X (Switch)/Y (XB1) to enter/exit object placement mode.
    • Use the left stick or the D-pad to move around in object placement mode.
    • Press X (PS4)/B (Switch)/A (XB1) to cycle forward through the available objects.
    • Press Square (PS4)/Y (Switch)/X (XB1) while holding the above button to cycle backward through the available objects.
    • Press Circle (PS4)/A (Switch)/B (XB1) when selecting an item monitor to change its contents.
    • Press Square (PS4)/Y (Switch)/X (XB1) to place the currently selected object.
    • Camera coordinates are designated by the top line of hex digits in the top-right corner.
    • Player coordinates are designated by the bottom line of hex digits in the top-right corner.
  • Mean Bean: Collect 21 medals. You can then play a game of Puyo Puyo against the computer or another player.
  • D.A. Garden: Collect 26 medals. You can then listen to the in-game music.
  • Blue Spheres: Collect all 32 medals. This will allow you to play a randomly-generated Blue Spheres stage in either the "Original" style or the "Mania" style.

Note that to access the first four unlockables, you must highlight a "No Save" game on the Save Select screen, then press Triangle (PS4)/X (Switch)/Y (XB1). The last three unlockables are accessed in the Extras menu.

Level Select

To access the level select, go to the title screen, then press and hold the following button combinations (depending on your system) before "Press Any Button" appears:

System Buttons
PlayStation 4 X + Square
Switch B + Y
Xbox One A + X

As soon as you see "Press Any Button" on-screen, keep the above buttons held down and then press any other button.

Alternatively, go to the Save Select menu and highlight "No Save", activate Debug Mode (see Unlockables above), then select "No Save" and press and hold the above button combinations (depending on your system) before the screen goes black.

To use the level select:

  • Use the D-pad to select a level.
  • Press Square (PS4)/Y (Switch)/X (XB1) to select your character.
  • Press Triangle (PS4)/X (Switch)/Y (XB1) when Sonic is your character to have Tails follow him.
  • Press Circle (PS4)/A (Switch)/B (XB1) to play the selected level/sound test entry.


  • Dunkey Easter Egg: In Hydrocity Zone, grab one of the hooks, then press: Left Left Left Right Right Right Up Up Up. You will hear a ring chime. Find one of the boosters and activate it. Instead of the normal sound, it will play a @vgdunkey-related sound effect.[1]
    • This button combination was previously used in Sonic & Knuckles.
    • This easter egg has been removed as of version RC 1.03.0919 (released 2017/09/25).

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