Chaotix Recital

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Chaotix Recital

Chaotix Recital is Team Chaotix's version of the Team Blast move in Sonic Heroes.

As with all variations of the move, it is activated by pressing the Z (GCN)/White (Xbox)/R1 (PS2/PS3)/Z (PC) button once the HUD charge gauge is full. Team Blast involves the three team members joining together to perform a powerful combo move, which destroys all enemies in the vicinity and can do a great deal of damage to bosses.

Espio strums a shamisen (a Japanese guitar) while Charmy bangs on a drum. Then Vector "sings" into a microphone and all nearby enemies are destroyed. An audience can be heard cheering for them. Team Chaotix receives rings for every enemy that is destroyed during the blast. They also receive rings for every enemy that's destroyed for the amount of energy left in the gauge afterward. While pretty much like another Team Blast during Eggman boss battles, Chaotix Recital proves to be extremely useful in Robot Carnival and Robot Storm. The rings collected from destroying enemies allows the gauge to refill again quickly, resulting in an endless amount of Team Blasts.


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  • The Chaotix's musical-themed Blast may be a nod towards the original pre-Sonic 1 design history of Vector, and his role in the Sound Test Band.

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