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Chao raising is the process of raising a chao. There are many different ways to raise a chao, and the methods differ depending on the implementation of chao raising in the game the player is using.


There are 3 ways to hatch a chao egg. How you do it determines your chao's facial expression for its entire lifetime, but its initial reaction to hatching is just that; it has no bearing on their happiness or lifestyle in the long term.

  • Wait: the chao will eventually come out on its own. While this may take a while, a patiently hatched chao comes out with a happy look on its face.
  • Throw the egg: If thrown across the room, the egg with break open and the chao will come flying out. This is generally not recommended, as the chao will be quite angry.
  • Cradle the egg: The most difficult to do properly, cradling the egg will speed up the process but can have different results. If cradled for just the right amount of time, the chao will be extremely happy upon hatching. If cradled for too long or too short a period of time, however, the chao will have a squiggle mouth and a dreary personality, indicating brain damage. Do at your own risk!

Also note that, in Sonic Adventure, the initial faces of the 2 chao from the 2 starting eggs is set and cannot be changed.

Basic care







The stat window.

Chao have 5 stats, the first 4 of which determine abilities in chao races. These stats go up whenever a chao is given an animal or a stat altering item. When all 10 boxes are full, the stat will 'level up'. The maximum level for any stat is 99. They are:

Stat Animals
Swim Penguin Sea Otter Seal
Fly Swallow Parrot Peacock
Run Deer Rabbit Kangaroo
Power Elephant Gorilla Lion
random Skunk Mole Koala

The stat names are pretty self-explanatory as to what they represent. They indicate their strength during those parts of the race. The fifth stat, Stamina, indicates how far they can go during the race without pausing or even falling asleep. Stamina is affected by fruit (1 bite fills 1 box; hardest to raise), while the other stats are affected by small animals.