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The main article for this category is The Sonic the Hedgehog OSV Project...

Music Unavailable
Due to the high amount of bandwidth it was consuming, downloadable music is no longer offered. Tracks are playable by streaming only. Downloads are unlikely to be restored.

The Sonic the Hedgehog OSV (Original Sound Version) Project is a community effort to create the best possible rips of music tracks from classic Sonic games. The project's goal is to provide a superior-quality collection of consistently ripped, timed, and accurately labelled music, avoiding the mislabellings and low-quality recordings that similar collections exhibit.

Several soundtracks/OSVs have been ripped so far, totaling over 1 GB in disk space. The collection spans from 1991 (Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)) through 1998 (Sonic R for Windows 95/98), which includes most of the major "classic" Sonic games. However, a few are absent, as users encountered difficulties ripping their soundtracks.

Despite the project's stated goal, several Sonic Retro forum users have
Sonic Retro
expressed concern
about the quality of the files produced, and the somewhat outdated methods of the project, and have suggested that a more up-to-date ripping effort be made.