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Casino Pawn
Game: Sonic Heroes

The Casino Pawn is a variant of the ubiquitous Egg Pawn, found in Sonic Heroes. In Casino Park and Bingo Highway, along with the boss battle, Robot Carnival, Eggman had seemingly redesigned some of his troopers to fit his casino theme; hence the Casino Pawn. There are three models of the Casino Pawn, officially named in the Official Guide: Casino Manager (black tie suit), Casino Bunny (oddly pink bunny suit) and Casino Clown green (neon-green suit with mohawk).

Although visually distinct, these robots were otherwise no different to standard Pawns. The casino designs, along with the normal Egg Pawn, appeared as collectible cards in Sonic Rivals 2.

Models and Locations

Casino Manager

Type Singles Combined
Simple Single Weapon Single Shield Lance // Shield Gun // Shield Riffle // Shield
Lance Gun Riffle Metal Synthetic Spike Metal Spike Metal Synthetic Metal Synthetic Spike
Image Sh casinomanager simple.png Sh casinomanager lance.png Sh casinomanager projectile.png Sh casinomanager riffle.png Sh casinomanager metal.png Sh casinomanager synthetic.png Sh casinomanager spike.png Sh casinomanager lance metal.png Sh casinomanager lance spike.png Sh casinomanager projectile metal.png Sh casinomanager projectile synthetic.png Sh casinomanager riffle metal.png Sh casinomanager riffle synthetic.png
Level Casino Park XXXXX X XXX XX X X X X
Bingo Highway X XX XX XXXX X X XXX X
Boss Robot Carnival X XX XXX XX XX
  • X - Team Sonic, X - Team Dark, X - Team Rose, X - Team Chaotix, X - Super Hard


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