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Casino Course
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Casino Course
2P Bobsled Race, third stage, Sonic Heroes
Location: Casino Park
Level theme: carnival/casino
Non-English names:
  • JP: カジノコース
City Course

Casino Course is the third stage of the 2-player Bobsled Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players race three laps around the stage in Bobsleds.


This course is based on the brightly-lit neon roads seen in Casino Park and BINGO Highway. Each lap begins with a red road that spirals downwards and is filled with plenty of Rings to grab, followed by straight roads littered with containers and spike balls that must be avoided. Next up is another long spiralling road that is coloured blue and spirals upwards, filled with Dash Rings to jump through for extra speed. The top of this road is filled with containers and Item Boxes that ends with two swinging sets of spike balls and a giant spike ball. The giant spike ball has a deceptively large hitbox, making it difficult to avoid.

Following a spiralling yellow road filled with Rings and Speed Boosters is the most difficult part of the course: a series of spike balls that players must slalom around to avoid losing team members and possibly facing disqualification. Going too fast in this section is especially dangerous, making it very difficult to get through without crashing too much. After this difficult section are a series of upward and downward high-speed roads leading back to the starting line.

This is the longest of the three Bobsled Race courses, with each lap taking up to one minute to complete.


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