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Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage
Bonus Zone, Sonic Labyrinth
Number of Acts: 2
Location: Super Labyrinth
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The Bonus Stage of Sonic Labyrinth is a well-hidden level where Sonic can find a missing Chaos Emerald.


Sonic is awarded an Emerald after defeating each boss, and Dr. Eggman drops the fifth while escaping after the final battle against his Smiley Bomb. That still leaves one Emerald unaccounted for: clearing the game without it will present the bad ending along with a cryptic hint as to where the missing gem may be found. In Zone 2-3 (Labyrinth of the Sea), on the lower right edge of the board, the player will likely notice a closed door marked "BONUS". To get inside, they must hop into the cannon found on the lower left hand corner of the stage: while in the cannon, press and hold Right along with buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously. Continue holding until the cannon fires and Sonic gets dropped onto a secret platform with the switch for the bonus door.

Once inside, the Bonus Stage is a wide open board with plenty of bumpers and a dozen Rings. The goal is to bounce around and grab as much loot as possible within the scant 30-second time limit. Each Ring on the board is worth a full 25: grab 4 to earn a 1up. When time is up (or if the player falls over the edge), the player will be ejected back into Zone 2-3. Note that while the game never actually shows the last Chaos Emerald, it's automatically added to the player's stock regardless of how many Rings they managed to collect in the Bonus Stage. Clearing the game with all 6 Emeralds will display the good ending and reveal the level select code.


Hidden in the game are two special doors. Unlock the doors, and for a limited time you will enter a special Bonus stage, where you grab rings for extra points. How do you unlock the doors? Therein lies the challenge... though you might receive a hint once you've defeated Dr. Robotnik!

— Instruction manualMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG US manual.pdf[3]


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