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Bollycao Sonic X Pickers Pogs was an exclusive collection of 102 pogs[1][2][3][4][5][6] of the brand Pickers[7][8][9], divided in two sets of 51 pogs based on the Sonic X television series, manufactured by Barcelona-based collectible toys manufacturer Magic Box International (currently Magic Box International Toys S.L.U.[10][11]) trading name of Martomagic S.L. (founded in 1994[12], in Barberà del Vallès by David Bella Martorell and currently based in Sant Cugat del Vallès), and distributed by the Spanish multinational bakery product manufacturing company Grupo Panrico[13][14] (Panificio Rivera Costafreda S.L.[13], founded as Panrico Donuts in 1962[13], in Esplugues de Llobregat, by Andreu Costafreda Montoliú[15][16] and D. José Javier Rivera y Larraya [17][15], V Marquis of San Nicolás de Noras, two businessmen from Barcelona, Spain), with the assistance of Sabadell-based promotions agency Grupo Promer Mon-Graphic, S.A.[18][19][20][21], across the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in 2005, under license[22][23] of PPI Worldwide, a world leader company for Loyalty Promotions and Collectible Toys design and production.

The pogs were distributed one per packet, bundled in Bollycao[24][25] buns (little hot dog buns with chocolate filling) one of Panrico's flagship products and their packets included instructions for several games that could be played with them. A fuzz ball called "Master Ball" (introduced with the first set) or a cube with an elastic cord (an improvement over the original concept, introduced with the second set), both sold separatelly, were required in order to play the games. Whatever the rules, the games consisted in picking the pogs with the ball or cube since these featured tiny hooks on their backs which would stick to the ball ( or cube) when in contact similar to how hook-and-loop fasteners (often known as "Velcro") work.

Despite the collection being composed of 102 pogs, each pog of the second set was produced in three variants (same art, same number, same score, different colors), thus increasing and diversifying the number of pogs to 204 in total.

The logo of "Pickers", a brand of Magic Box International Toys S.L.U. (Martomagic S.L.)

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