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The Black Comet is the home of the Black Arms in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is also the name of an Action Stage.


The Black Comet serves as a "home" for the Black Arms, and it passes by Earth every fifty years. Fifty years ago, when Shadow was born, the Black Comet passed by the ARK. Black Doom boarded ARK, where he helped Gerald Robotnik bring life to Shadow the Hedgehog. Black Doom donated Shadow some of his blood, making Shadow a Black Arm. When GUN invaded, Black Doom helped Shadow destroy a GUN attack craft codenamed the Heavy Dog. Black Doom went back on board the Black Comet and returned with it fifty years later. The Black Army stormed the United Federation and Black Doom demanded Shadow retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow, surprised that the alien knew his name, asked how Black Doom knew. The alien simply disappeared, and Shadow went to find the Chaos Emeralds. Later in the game, Shadow goes to the Action Stage of Black Comet (accessed by going neutral at The ARK or neutral at Air Fleet). Once there, the player may choose from two missions - reach the centre of the comet (taken by selecting the Hero mission), or drive out GUN (the Dark mission).



Like the other Action Stages Lava Shelter, GUN Fortress, Cosmic Fall and Final Haunt, Shadow's actions determine the boss of Black Comet. Hero makes Shadow fight against the Egg Dealer, and dark makes Shadow battle Sonic the Hedgehog and the GUN robot Diablon.

Other parts of the Black Comet

There are two other levels set on the Black Comet, Final Haunt and The Last Way. Final Haunt is set on the comet's surface, and The Last Way is in the depths of the comet. The objective of The Last Way is to use Chaos Control to teleport to the Black Comet's core in ten minutes or less.


  • Prior to the Black Arms' invasion of Earth, the appearance of the Black Comet in the sky has been associated with an assumingly more merry "Fire in the Sky" celebration. However, it is known that humans, as well as Black Doom, have referred to the celestrial object as the Black Comet in the past.
  • Black Doom states that the Black Comet cannot travel through the Earth's atmosphere due to its insuffient acceleration. This may be related to its apparent anti-gravity qualities; seconds before the Black Comet rapidly sprouts burrowing tendrils of an unknown substance, it is seen hovering not far above an Earthling city.