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Big Chaser
Game: Sonic Colours
Affiliation: Eggman Empire

The Big Chaser[1] is a giant enemy Badnik that appears in the Wii version of Sonic Colours.


The Big Chaser, as seen in Sonic Colours.

Towering at about five times Sonic's height, the Big Chaser is designed like a hermit crab with a purple cylinder-shaped shell. It is outfitted with laser cannons and spiky cup-shaped hands for offense, and two rockets for keeping up with the hedgehog's speed.

This nigh-unstoppable juggernaut is similar in function to the Interceptor from Sonic Unleashed in that it relentlessly chases Sonic during long-stretch running sections, namely in Aquarium Park Act 4 and Terminal Velocity Act 1. However, its attacks are different: should it get close enough to Sonic, it will try to punch him with its large hands; the punches can be avoided by jumping over them at the right time in Terminal Velocity Act 1's encounter, but the nature of Aquarium Park Act 4's section makes this impossible to do. When Sonic gets far away from it, it will shoot lasers at two of the three lanes, which can be avoided with Quick Stepping.

The player cannot do anything to attack it. Instead, they must find and conserve White Wisp energy to have enough in the boost gauge when the Big Chaser appears to Boost out of the way of its punching range until they reach the end of the section and escape.


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