Ball Bearing

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Ball Bearing
Publisher: Radical Software
System(s): Amstrad CPC
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Amstrad CPC
1993  ? ?

Ball Bearing is a computer game released for the Amstrad CPC in 1993 by Radical Software. It was released late on in the CPC's lifecycle only in the United Kingdom and could be bought using Radical Software's telephone number for £3.99. Though it was not officially licensed by Sega, the in-game graphics are heavily inspired by the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. To make matters worse, the game's source code is stolen from the public domain release of Croco Magneto. This prompted Amstrad Action, a popular CPC magazine to award the game a 40% review score.

In the game, the player controls a bouncing blue ball and must collect rings. The ball will always move left or right, bouncing when it comes into contact with an obstacle, but the player can control its vertical movement. The ball has a limited amount of "oil", and the player will lose a life if the oil runs out. The oil steadily decreases over time, and will decrease faster if the player comes into contact with spikes or other traps. There are also several temporary powerups that will allow the ball to pass through these areas unharmed. To make things more interesting, the are objects that will cause the game to simulate gravity (i.e. the ball will always drift downwards) or reverse the controls.