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Badniknet motd.png

Fast Facts on BadnikNET

Owner: Xkeeper
Operators: Sonic Retro Administrators.
Main Channels: #retro, #x, #tcrf, #sonicscanf, #sega
Created on: August 2007
Current Status: Online
URL: irc://

BadnikNET is an IRC server affiliated with Sonic Retro and is the official home of the Sonic Retro IRC channel. Its operators are the Sonic Retro Administrators. The server was created in August 2007 to accommodate the move of The Sonic 2 Beta Page to Sonic Retro's webserver and hosted #retro and #s2beta until #s2beta changed its name to #retro. The name "Badnik" is from the alternate name proposed during the restructuring of Sonic Classic in spring 2006. The server's unofficial mascot is the Sonic the Hedgehog badnik Moto Bug.

In addition to hosting the Sonic Retro IRC channel, BadnikNET also hosts the official chatrooms for Sonic Fan Games HQ, SMWCentral, Sonic the Hedgehog FreeRunner, Metroid: Fan Mission, X-hax SADX Editing Community and the Sega Retro IRC channel, #sega.

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