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Angel Island Zone
SonicAdvance GBA AngelIsland.png
Angel Island Zone
Fifth Zone, Sonic Advance
Number of Acts: 2
Location: Angel Island
Level themes: ancient ruins, sky
Boss: Mecha Knuckles
Maximum rings, Act 1: 256 + 41~80
Maximum rings, Act 2: 160 + 37~115
Non-English names:
  • JP: エンジェルアイランドゾーン
Ice Mountain Zone | Egg Rocket Zone
For the island itself and other levels with its name, see Angel Island.

Angel Island Zone is the fifth Zone of Sonic Advance. This Zone comes after Ice Mountain Zone and precedes Egg Rocket Zone.


This Zone is named after Sonic the Hedgehog 3's Angel Island Zone but designed after Sonic & Knuckles' Sky Sanctuary Zone, as it's an ancient ruins-themed level with plant life partially covering the stone structure. It is also similar as it has clouds which the player will bounce off of when hit and causes their character to rotate in the same manner as in Sky Sanctuary.

This Zone does have its own features not seen in the original Sky Sanctuary Zone. For instance, there are indoor sections with old contraptions such as rolling wheels that the player must run on the make them move, as well as overhead rails and hanging handles that elevate the player when used. There are also sand slides and sand waterfalls like those seen in Sandopolis Zone, and S-tubes like those seen in Green Hill Zone and Hill Top Zone.

The difficulty of the game really picks up in this Zone as there are many places where the player can fall to their death.


Leon — Purple chameleon Badnik that attacks with its tongue.
Rhinotank — Rhino Badnik similar to the ones found in Sonic Adventure.
Stinger — Flying wasps returning from Neo Green Hill Zone.
Wamu — Floating segmented worm-like robots.

Special Spring location

The Special Spring for this Zone is located in Act 2. To find it, the player should take the top-most routes as much as possible after going through the first S-tube. Tails and Knuckles can easily climb up the higher routes using their abilities, though Sonic and Amy must carefully ride every platform, spring and rolling wheel they come across until they reach it at the very top of the Act.


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