Altitude Limit

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Altitude Limit
Sonic Rush AltitudeLimit.PNG
Altitude Limit
6th (Sonic) / 5th (Blaze) Zone, Sonic Rush
Number of Acts: 3
Level themes: sky, flying fortress
Boss: Egg Eagle
Non-English names:
  • JP: アルティチュードリミット
Huge Crisis (Sonic) | Dead Line (Sonic)
Water Palace (Blaze) | Huge Crisis (Blaze)

Altitude Limit is a Zone in the Nintendo DS game Sonic Rush. It is the sixth Zone for Sonic and fifth Zone for Blaze. As with other Zones in the game, Altitude Limit consists of two standard Acts followed by a dedicated boss Act.


In Blaze's story, Blaze comments on how she found some of the Sol Emeralds without Sonic's help, and is overheard by Amy Rose, who is suspicious that Blaze may be trying to steal Sonic's heart, though she assures Amy that she doesn't care about Sonic and is only looking for the Sol Emeralds. She observes how Amy is full of emotion, something which she herself is not allowed to have. When Amy leaves to find Sonic and Tails, Cream suggests following her, as she has a "Sonic Radar" that lets her find where Sonic is. At this point, Blaze smiles, and is caught by surprise when Cream points it out.

Later, in Sonic's story, Sonic and Tails head for this Zone after their encounter with Blaze, following her to see where she goes.


Altitude Limit takes place on some kind of flying fortress in the sky, connected mostly by rails, which Sonic and Blaze can grind down on to progress further in the level. Some of the rails are riddled with spikes, though these spikes can be destroyed by Boosting into them. There is always instant death if the player falls to the bottom in the form of insta-kill lasers, making it one of the most dangerous Zones in the game.

There are many different contraptions that can be used to get through this airborne Zone. Cannons will fire Sonic and Blaze straight upwards while also giving them a parachute that the heroes must use to glide down to safety. Jet-propelled platforms appear at specific points that the player can use to move higher up in the Zone, which can be steered using Left and Right to avoid hazards, and occasionally jumping off of them to take out enemies in the way. The bungee cords from Leaf Storm and the zipwires from Mirage Road also return in this Zone.

At a certain point in both Acts, the player will enter a 3D section in which Sonic or Blaze must ride a Hang Glider and collect Rings while avoiding Egg Flappers.


Egg Flapper.png
Egg FlapperEgg Pawns with flight capabilities.
SonicRush DS Sprite CannonFlapper.png
Cannon Flapper — Egg Flappers with cannons mounted on their undercarriages.
SonicRush Sprite Falco.png
Falco — Hawk robots that fly back and forth.


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