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Category: Music editor
Version: 3.6
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: Oerg866

xm3smps/oerg is an official continuation of xm3smps by Oerg866. xm3smps is a program that converts songs from the XM (eXtended Module) format to the SMPS (Sample Music Playback System) format used in Sonic games. As well as the features contained in the original program, added in this is the ability to preview songs using Rob Jinnai's SMPS Playback Engine, save states which can be used to save your progress and load them if needed, X3I support, the ability to output ASM files with Cinossu's s1smps2asm and many more things that have been changed or added to this continuation. Additionally, using an implementation of smpsTempo's source, you can automatically calculate the optimal tempo for your song, using a given tolerance percentage.


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Current version: 3.6

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