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Wave the Swallow
First seen: Sonic Riders (2006)
Species: Swallow
Gender: Female
Age: 18[1]
Height: 110cm (3'7")[1]
Weight: Secret[1]
Likes: Treasure[1], mechanical knowledge[1]
Dislikes: Stupid people[1]
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Wave the Swallow is the purple swallow who serves as Tails' counterpart in Sonic Riders. She is the lone female of the Babylon Rogues.

Personality and traits

Wave is a 'mechanical genius' and is more advanced in Extreme Gear mechanics than Tails and Dr. Eggman. Because of her knowledge, she tends to give advice that only she can understand. She has excellent riding skills as her father was once a mechanic and airboarder for the previous generation of the Babylon Rogues[2]. Her board is purple and goes by the name Type W, excelling in air time.

She has many clashes with the team's power member, Storm. Often commenting on Storm's low intelligence, as well as his gear skills which she claim suck. This is due to her extreme dislike of thick-headed and stupid people. While she sees Jet as an unreliable little brother, she does respect his role as leader.

In other media

Archie comics

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IDW comics

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