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Xash (Zash), is an Irish internet personality best known in the Sonic scene for his trolling and hacking activities on major Sonic based websites and forums, some of which included Sonic Zone, Sonic Planet, Sonic Cage Dome, and many others. He was also the owner and webmaster of the renewed Sonic Zone.

Scene History

Xash first joined the Sonic scene in late 2002, becoming a member of the Sonic Zone Forums using the alias Shadow-X. After many arguments with the administration of the board he left to join Sonic Revolution, quickly becoming involved with the forums and eventually becoming an administrator. Within the next few months, himself and fellow friend Valtiel returned to Sonic Zone. They both felt the members weren't being treated right and the board itself didn't follow its own rules. After much debate they decided to hack into it and began to delete many of the staff members. This was short lived as the owner quickly gained control of the situation and banned them both.

Over the next few years he became very well known within the scene, eventually changing his username to Xash. Already an administrator of Sonic Revolution, he also gained other staff positions on other popular Sonic sites. He became a news poster and webmaster of Sonic Planet, a SegaSonic Radio DJ with his own show, and even managed to overcome his ban and become a moderator on the Sonic Zone Forums. During this time he became involved with graphic design, opening a topic on each board he visited and making members their own personal avatars and signatures in exchange for forum based items, such as rings, etc.


Described by many as a "Crafty Duo", Xash and Valtiel were, and still are, two of the most hated and well known people in the entire Sonic Scene. After they were banned from Sonic Zone in 2003 for hacking into it, they soon began hacking and trolling other major Sonic sites. Being a staff member on many of them didn't stop Xash in his actions, which eventually resulted in himself and Valtiel being banned from many servers within the communities. Besides attacking most of the major websites and forums they have also hit other minor sites, bringing a total of over 30 targeted communities within the Sonic scene.

The style of spam they post has been said to be "sick" and "disgusting" by some members of the forums which they attack. They usually set out to post in about 20 topics of the board, posting up pictures of beastiality and scat porn, and start abusing members. Since early 2007, the group have not done a major hack or spam together.

Later Activities

After being banned from many of the sites in the scene, Xash became less active online, making only a few appearances on Sonic Earth, before eventually leaving completely in 2007. However, since October, 2008 Xash has returned to the Sonic scene and has gained control of Sonic Zone. Sonic Zone Forums, the website's old board, has been shut offline and a link to the new version, known now simply as Sonic Zone, is shown.

On October 4, 2010, Xash randomly decided to spam the
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with links to other forums. He was promptly banned. He hasn't been an active member of the Sonic scene since.