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<forumuser name="XCubed" /> XCubed has been a long time member of the online Sonic community dating back to 1999. He was originally a member of Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51, under the alias Wallaby, but made little to no posts under that name until his return as MercedesML55 in 2001. Over the years he naturally matured and has become a respected member of the community. He has interests in Sonic, cars, music (especially in composition), and food.

From 1999 to the present, XCubed has been a member of numerous Sonic and other gaming related communities including but not limited to Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51, Sonic CulT, Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic Classic, Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta, The Moogle Cavern, Sonic Secrets Center, IGN, Masters of Fackin, and Sonic Retro. He has been through several online aliases, but most oldbies still refer to him as Merc. For a long time it was speculated that he was actually a she, but that is not the case.

Over the span of ten short years, XCubed has seen the rise, fall, and rampant retooling of the Sonic community as a whole and believes that the current standings is the best they have ever been. The attacks, the jealousy, and the abundance of drama has finally ended as the current members have matured into more focused people and are now able to embrace newer members as they had wish to have been treated when they first arrived to the community. He is proud of the progress our current members have taken in regards to discoveries, hacks, fleshed out theories, engineering and reverse-engineering, research, interviews, and just plain good times. XCubed has made unforgettable friends within this community and feels more like a member of the Sonic family more than ever before. He believes that all the dark times as a community are truly behind us and hopes that even when he's gone, the spirit of Sonic is preserved; Because this is why we came here; This is what brought us together.

XCubed is currently in his last semester at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, USA and will be graduating in May with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Bachelor's of the Arts in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication (yes, two five years) and has an interest in pursuing a Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology starting in the Fall of 2009.


XCubed was always a fan of the Sonic series and character ever since playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game in a now defunct store called "Service Merchandise." From there, he was hooked and later received a Sega Genesis with Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and John Madden Football '93 on Christmas Day in 1992. He was awake and conversing with his brother when he heard the loud ring of "SEGA!!!!" coming from his grandmother's living room. He instantly ran toward the television and knew from that day forward he would have a permanent connection with Sonic.

He later received Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3 after their subsequent releases, but never obtained Sonic & Knuckles. The year of 1994 was the end of the line until he rekindled his Sonic fandom in 1999 because he discovered the magic of the Debug code within Sonic 2. This revival of sorts lead him to the STH Area 51 website, where he was able to find all sorts of information on almost every Sonic game released up to that time and learned about possible secrets behind them. Hesitant to contribute to more than one message board at a time, he continued his time at IGN until they changed format, leaving him in disarray and eventually bringing him back to the STH Area 51 site to seek possible updates. Lo and behold he was brave enough to click the link that read "Message Board" and signed up once again to a revamped environment which had turned into ezBoard.

Established as his new message board of reconcile, he quickly jumped into discussions without analyzing much of a topic's content and turned out to be just short of a troll in annoyance. He was seen as rude, immature, and just plain annoying, people wanted him to go away. He quickly learned to tone down his style, but encountered impostors, hackers, and other drama along the way. He wanted to become the peace bringer between parties that were at war, but proved unsuccessful and just taking up space. He later joined the Sonic 2 Beta and Sonic CulT message boards to engulf himself in discussion during the dry spells at Area 51. He still supported his home community regardless of how many times it had gone down. He knew that it would revive itself, unbeknownst to which time would be the last.


  • Wallaby
  • MercedesML55
  • MazdaProtege5
  • MercedesML55Xboxman
  • MercedesML55Xboxmon
  • ML55XGameCubemon
  • XCubed³
  • CubedToTheX

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