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<forumuser name="WiteoutKing" /> Rick Desilets, known by his handle "WiteoutKing" (also WoK, Wite, or Witoki; aka markcasey, Zizi Wyziex, or Sneak Peek) joined the Sonic Community on June 14, 2003 at Sonic CulT. He quickly became known as a nuisance and for the next year was the plaything of such infamous members as dosdemon. In late 2004 he became CulT Family and moderator of Sonic CulT's Shit Talk forum. He was also a Broadcaster on SazFM. He also briefly spearheaded Mega Man CulT, a subsidiary of Sonic CulT, when news in Sonic research was slow.

He is currently a production assistant with Broken Wall Films, and director of Two-Bit Pictures.


WiteoutKing's radio station was called Bitch Moan Whine and it aired on SazFM Wednesdays 20-22 GMT.

WiteoutKing is the founder of both TCR Comics (2003-2005) and Two-Bit Pictures (2011-present).

WiteoutKing was banned from Sonic CulT in February 2006 (and rebanned when discovered to be user "markcasey"), and thus opted to (finally) join up at The Sonic 2 Beta Page's Forums, where he modded the Competitive Gaming Forum as it was started. As user "Wite", he became +o for TetraQ's #lemberry (formerly #sws2b, unofficial SWS2B IRC channel).

His first large project, D-Series: Black & Blue, was to be the flagship title for saxman's work-in-progress ProSonic engine. As of October 2006, the project was be split into seven Episodes. The project has since been slated in response to an onslaught of issues coming from the real world. In the summer of 2007, after shelving the project for almost a year, D-Series: Black & Blue was scrapped. After some retooling, it became the early prototype for Sonic Horizon, which has since been placed in indefinite hiatus.

Rick now hosts a video game themed podcast called The D-Pad, which launched on April 3, 2011.

Online Timeline:

  • June 14 2003 - Joined Sonic Community via Sonic CulT
  • August 23 2004 - Became CulT Family at Sonic CulT
  • November 3 2005 - Became moderator of Shit Talk at Sonic CulT
  • February 7 2006 - Banned from Sonic CulT
  • February 13 2006 - Joined Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page
  • September 23 2006 - Became moderator of Competitive Gaming at S2B
  • October 12 2006 - Co-created the board game Pirates in the Sky, currently in re-development
  • December 12 2006 - Disappeared from the Sonic Community
  • November 13 2008 - Reappeared, at least for a while
  • April 3 2011 - Launched The D-Pad


WiteoutKing is a graudate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Humanities and Arts, concentrated in Drama/Theatre. The irony is lost on no one.


Finished projects

  • Pirates in the Sky (boardgame)
  • MQ2: Cor Tech Biomedical (alternate reality game)
  • Crossbones (alternate reality game)
  • Looking Forward

Current projects

  • Two-Bit Pictures
  • The D-Pad (podcast)
  • 5 Days a Stranger (screenplay)

Future projects

IRC goodness

<RattleMan> WoK
<RattleMan> Nice
<CautionIAmBoozer> WoK?
<RattleMan> WoK = WiteoutKing
<CautionIAmBoozer> okay
<CautionIAmBoozer> let's not call him "wok"
<CautionIAmBoozer> that's gay
<RattleMan> How about
<RattleMan> I call him whatever I want
<RattleMan> Ok?
<RattleMan> =P
<Charlesed4> Whitey
<gabriel> Let's call him "Popular Bic Product King"!
<gabriel> Liquid Paper King
<RattleMan> I'll call him Wite
<RattleMan> =P
<Charlesed4> Let's call him Whitey
<Charlesed4> :P
<CautionIAmBoozer> okay
<CautionIAmBoozer> now, see
<Doomsday_Forte> Let's call him WiteOutKing?
<CautionIAmBoozer> if we're gonna call him "whitey"
<CautionIAmBoozer> then we might as well type the one extra letter and type "witeout"
* WiteoutKing saves "woks_my_bitch_ill_call_him_what_i_want.txt"

<Fiz> i am drooling so its tinme for bed
<Wite> aw, night fiz
<Fiz> gnight guys
<CheeseBacon> night
<Guess_Who> Night Fiz
<-- Fiz has quit (Quit: you cannot fight Harvard University, give up)
<CheeseBacon> thank go she's finally gone
<CheeseBacon> jesus christ
<CheeseBacon> lol
<Guess_Who> Now we can talk about her vagina without interference
<Wite> excellent

<GW> That's it
<Mustapha> OH MAN
<Mustapha> i was excited
<Mustapha> i was fucknng amazed
<Mustapha> I'm banned.
<GW> :(
<-- Wite has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by GW)))
-NickServ- Ghost with your nick has been killed.
<GW> This is where I draw the line
<GW> Wait
<GW> What the hell did I just do
<CheeseBacon> nice
<GW> Shit
<Fiz> lmao
--> Wite ([email protected]) has joined #lemberry
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Wite
<STFUbot> [Wite] <dothackzero> I wanted to talk to her, but I was so damn nervous. <dothackzero> Lucky for me that I lost my penceil.
<GW> Whoops
<Wite> uh WHAT.
<GW> Wrong button

* PACHUKA changes topic to 'CulT Pride | | TEACH STOKO COREL DRAW | choel: find boozer | Welcome to Britain/East US | Colo(u)rs sucks | Happy "fuck the british" day!'
<PACHUKA> ok wok
* PACHUKA sets mode: +b *!*
* WoK[beach] was kicked by PACHUKA (PACHUKA)
<AJ 187> YES
<AJ 187> OWNED
<Insomniac> hahahah
<Nomad> aiee
<Nomad> kekekekeke
<Boozer> holy shit
<Cedar> aj: i think thats the best use of it ever
<AJ 187> yeah
<Boozer> and pachuka comes out of nowhere to kick ass
<AJ 187> that makes it all worthwhile
<dosdemon> in memory of wok: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^::::::::::::::::::::::"