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voice joined the community very late in 2003, but did not become active until June 2004, also the same time he started Random Sonic Net. He first appeared on Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page and was quickly passed through the pending member stage. voice became known for not taking shit from higher-up sceners and wouldn't hesitate owning them if they pissed him off. voice has also been known to tell board administrators to fuck off and not be banned. But as a whole, voice is more recognized for his website, which started as a project of his to learn PHP. Overall voice is pretty nice if you don't piss him off.


Currently trying to rebuild self in the sonic community, as well as attending college for a degree in Network and Communications Management.

PHP Work

As stated before, voice has been working on learning PHP and SQL, and that learning is going into its 5th year. voice has accomplished a lot in those years but it wasn't until 2008 that he began doing PHP work unrelated to RSN. More recently voice has made a PHP port of Jibble's IRC Log bot which is done in Java; however, voice's port really is more of a complete redesign with Jibble as an inspiration, as well as ilbot which is an IRC log bot written in Perl. A copy of voice's IRC log bot can be downloaded here. His other project, a PHP version of the popular CGI:IRC Web IRC Client, has stalled a little, but voice hopes to get back into it soon. A smaller script that voice wrote towards the beginning of his PHP writing days was a simple script to check if his sites were accessible, and it has been put up for download as well.

Community Positions


  • Random Sonic Net Founder/Operator.
  • Crazy person and all around "wtf" guy, stay away.
  • PHP God of Random Sonic Net, also referred to as the "Master of PHP" occasionally.
  • Former owner of the SWS2B IRC channel.
  • Outside of the community voice operates a IRC server for AfterNET.
  • Started attending the annual Anime convention held in the chicagoland area called Anime Central, also known as ACEN.
  • Uses Linux and therefore is awesome.

Other Names

  • Hey you
  • Fuckface
  • Chris
  • V
  • Person who runs that site (No, I'm not lying, I have been called this one online).


I am the webmaster of the RandomSonicNet(RSN) website and is currently a member of the following forums: SWS2B, RSN, Masters of Facking, SSN, Sonic-Cult, Shack, and A51 if it would actually be online. My experience with anything Sonic related is short, if you were to put a year amount, I'd probably be in the 3 year range. RSN started almost at the same time I re-discovered Sonic(December 2003), course it wasn't immediately on the web, that didn't happen till June 12th, 2004. Anyways, as ye olde story goes, my brother bought the Sonic Mega Collection, hereby known as GMC, for the GameCube, also hereby known as the GC. I was instantly hooked on it and remebered the old days when I was alot younger playing the games at a friends house or at the daycare center. I decided to be a "sonic fag" as some people call it now-a-days, and start a fan site after viewing many others. The problem was most of the sites took up all the available ideas of what to do on my site, so it couldn't possibly be origional at all. Thats when I said screw it and decided I would make a site containing a hole bunch of random crap. Which really isn't how the site got its name, a pal by the name of Castor_Troy(also a vivid sonic fan) on IRC said jokingly I should call it RandomSonicNet...and the name stook.

So moving along further I started visiting the boards and chatting, meeting people like Simon and QJimbo along the way, and meeting other people who I thought to be complete assholes who should of been taken out and shot years ago if I was around then. So because of my 5 years of IRC chatting experience I built up a attitude that nothing major could impress me, which is maybe why I ended up getting into message board brawls with the "big wigs" like LOst and the now gone saxman, I simply wouldn't take the shit they gave me just because they could change numbers in a bin file...I'm not really a big hacker as you can see, heh. I was more vocal about my opinions too which got me into some situations..but I pulled through and became the person you see today, w00t for me! Err... thats about all I can think of, so....BLEH!