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<forumuser name="Vangar" /> Vangar joined the Sonic Community as "nerdpower50" in early January 2004 with an extremely 'newbie' post , but it also had some cool information about rehashed tiles in Sonic Spinball. Renamed himself to his original name Vangar in the 1st clean out a few weeks later.

He eventually gained art skills and started a growing-popular comic called "Simon Wai's Comic To Beta". The comic takes posts and information on SWS2B and forces a more comic side to it (with sometimes wierd results).

Vangar met up with Qjimbo by chance when he started his "Cartridge Dumper Workshop", and became friends with voice with his popular site, "Random Sonic Net".

When Tweaker came to power in SWS2B, and the site was reformed as S2B, Vangar was the first to create an alternate site, simply called S2B2, although users called it Vangar's Sonic 2 Beta. Although the site was unpopular, it was planned between Vangar and Qjimbo, which led to Qjimbo's hostile and temporary takeover.

Vangar returned months later and is currently a full member at the S2B / Sonic Retro Message Board once again.