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<forumuser name="The Shad" /> Shadow255 (formerly known as "Shadow The Hedgehog", currently "The Shad") joined the Sonic Scene at Area 51 on May 5th, 2001 (a date he was scared would be the end of the world many months prior due to a young age combined with an oversaturation of the sci-fi channel). As Area 51 died out, he joined other boards such as Sonic CulT and Sonic 2 Beta. He was the person to take Sonic Sue's spot as an admin at Sonic Classic when she left, quickly becoming the most disliked admin at the time due to a bad attitude and becoming angered easily. He left the scene in 2003, rejoining in June 2004 and quickly ended up being a mod/admin (no one remembers or cares) once again.

Shadow has become a lot more laid back compared to how he was in '02/03, though he can still be a bit of a prick. People probably don't realise he's been around for as long as he as due to his lack of any real contributions to anything in the community except for flamewars.

Shadow spends his time doing alot of nothing. He enjoys comic books, Batman & Spider-Man in particular. He also enjoys dressing up as The Joker, being a fan of the character for many, many years. Shadow's other hobbies include writing, video gaming (duh), wrestling, and eating. You can probably find him in the Retro IRC if he isn't spending the rest of the day sleeping. Fucking night fag. He dreams of becoming a wrestler, but figures his career will end on a sour note and he'll be forced to dress like the Macho Man Randy Savage and sell Slim Jims and toaster ovens from the trunk of his 1972 Oldsmobile.

Shadow was at one point a 'project leader' for the Sonic 4 project started by Phoebius, however he quickly soured on the entire thing and was more or less removed from the staff.

Shadow also has a horrible track record with names, often changing on the spur of the moment. Some of them include:

  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • GammaFox (Moogle Cavern & Early Sonic 2 Beta)
  • A Series Of Names Involving Ducks
    • Metal Duckling
    • Bloody Ducky
    • Llama, Llama, Duck
  • Lazarus
  • Mister J
  • Shadow Claus (An annual Christmas name started at Area 51)

And many other lame names which no one can be arsed to remember. Currently goes by "The Shad" at Sonic Retro.