The Prof

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<forumuser name="The Prof" /> The Prof is an Orcadian hacker who is currently working on a hack called Sonic 1 Yarmar Edition.

His interest in hacking started when he bought Sonic Mega Collection Plus for nostalgic purposes and then decided to look up Sonic on YouTube. He was amazed at the amount of hacks there were and at just what these hackers could do. A quick Google search led him to Sonic Retro where he signed up and, even though he made very few posts, managed to obtain full membership.

In his time, The Prof has worked on a few hacks which he dumped in favor of full time work on Sonic 1 Yarmar Edition, an art, layout, music, palette and ASM hack of Sonic 1. So far he has completed most of the first level. The hack's weird name is an anagram of The Prof's house name.

When he is not hacking, The Prof can be found to be doing magic tricks, performing onstage, free running or having a lark with friends.