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<forumuser name="Striker" /> Striker joined the original SSRG back in early 2000, by starting his hack Sonic 2 Millennium Edition. Later that year Striker started a small hacking site named Sonic Secrets Group. The site gained a following over the years, becoming affiliates with the original Sonic Stuff Research Group and saxman's Sonic Hacking Community. At the peak of SSRG's success, He opened the Sonic Save State Archive (also hosted by SSRG, then Sonic Secrets Group after SSRG's fall).

With the release of Sonic 2 Millennium Edition v1.0, Striker took a break from the community like everyone else at the time. He later returned to re-open Sonic Secrets Group v2 ( Version) and open (Now closed) in late 2003.

With the power change at the new SSRG, Striker was selected (along with StephenUK, and Ordos) to run the new independent SSRG. After a administrative overhaul of SSRG, Striker has put a good amount of time into re-designing SSRG (Now known as Sonic Game Modifications Community). Which was later renamed back to SSRG in late 2007.

As of mid 2007 Striker is still alive and kicking. A new hack named Sonic 2: Project Purity was scheduled for release but pushed back due to a computer crash.