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<forumuser name="Revival" type="game" /> Revival (also known as RevivalDBM and Revival9001) is a Mono-C# (among other languages) programmer, fan gamer (albeit his projects have never finished), and *nix user. He originally spent his time at Sonic Cage Dome but left later.


Revival joined the Sonic scene in mid-2006 and lurked for a while at various forums. Up until October 2006, he lacked ADSL internet access and hence only visited the internet for an hour a day with slow speeds. When broadband became available in his town, he set up a router with his ISP, NamesCO/BBMax/NDO. A month later, he made his first post at a forum, SCD: "Hi.....I'm new here...and I'm not sure what else to write...". He shown his fan game to the forum and began branching out to other communities on the internet.

His websites

In January 2007, he created his first website: Tails Team. It ran on a poor-quality PHP forum script, but it paved the way to evolving into a whole new site. Eventually, Revival gave it up, and inherited another forum: Sonic Deck. He ran it for 9 months, but eventually it was handed over to a new team, leaving Revival with his current site, expected to be released in September: Dead Networks.

His Projects

Revival has had many projects, including many failed fan games and hacks kept private, but he is currently working on DynamicSonic, a Sonic game engine which will be released as open source when the time is ripe.

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