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<forumuser name="RamiroR" /> RamiroR is a member of the Sonic scene who has a large interest in Mega Drive programing, which he is currently learning. Some time ago he worked on a group hack called SaFusie, but he left it in favor of pursuing his studies. Despite this, however, he recently joined CarrascoZX0's hacking team, Team ZX.


When Ramiro first learned of Sonic ROM hacking in the year 2007, he was amazed. He had seen Sonic CulT, as well as many different ROM hacks that impressed him. He initially thought hackers made those hacks by using hex editors, but then he learned about ASM. The first impression he had was that it would be a total headache to try to program with ASM. He stopped going to Sonic CulT, completely abandoning his previous interest in assembly programming.

In 2008, however, he retained a sudden spark of curiosity about Genesis programming once more. He proceeded to read the Mega Drive programming guide on Hacking CulT written by drx, from which he finally opted to learn some of the basics. Despite his efforts, however he wasn't fully understanding it too much yet, so he registered on Sonic Retro, where he begun to post a lot of questions about Mega Drive programming.

Upon his first stint as a Trial Member, Ramiro failed to pass the trial period, leaving him stuck in Pending Approval for several weeks. After a visit to the Sonic Retro IRC channel and a long discussion, though, Tweaker opted to give Ramiro another trial period. He improved his typing and general etiquette, and upon reaching 20 posts was finally approved as a full Member of the forums.

Having been on Retro for some time already, he began to talk to fellow scener TmEE, asking him many different questions about English and Mega Drive programming. He went on to offer various forms of contribution towards Sonic 2 HD and Project: Sonic Retro, though it was mostly feedback and general opinion.