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  • At any time you can pause the game by pressing Start.
  • Walk left and right with Left and Right.
  • Press A to fire in the direction you are currently facing. While walking, you can fire diagonally by pressing UpLeftUpRight or DownLeftDownRight. You can stop and fire directly upwards or downwards by pressing UpDown.
  • If you want to keep firing in a direction while doing something else, hold that direction and then hold B. Your movement speed and jump distance are decreased when moving or jumping backwards compared to the direction you are aiming.
  • Press C to jump. While in the air you can fire in any direction by holding that direction on the directional pad and pressing A.



There are two main meters at the top of the screen. The red bar indicates your health - if this reaches zero you will die and have to return to your last savepoint. The green bar indicates your fuel level. Some items consume fuel; if you are out of fuel you will be unable to use these items.


When you find a weapon, press B to pick it up.

  • Gun

You're given this at the beginning of the game. No need to worry about ammunition, and it should get you through just about any difficult scenario.

  • Flamethrower

The flamethrower is stronger than the gun, but has a limited range and drains fuel when used; watch the fuel meter, if it runs out you'll automatically dump it and go back to your gun.

  • Jetpack

The jetpack gives you an extra edge in terms of maneuvering. Move around with UpDownLeftRight; hold B and UpDownLeftRight to aim, and fire with A. Press C if you want to turn off the jetpack and return to normal controls. Beware, though - the jetpack will drain your fuel meter (slowly when stationary, faster when moving) and if you run out of fuel you'll plummet out of the sky.


  • Medpack

Occasionally an enemy will drop their medical supplies; you can restore health by walking over them. The small medpack will restore only a small amount of health, while a medium medpack restores more; the large medpack will fully restore your health.

  • Fuel canister

Some enemies are carrying fuel for their weapon, and may drop it when they die. A small canister restores only a small amount of fuel; a medium-size canister restores a bit more, and a large canister will completely refill your fuel meter.