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<forumuser name="muteKi" /> muteKi is a guy on the Sonic Retro forums who spends most of his time just sitting on the hills getting smashed. the spin attack of the occasional blue hedgehog.

Rarely has his name been pronounced correctly, despite the linguistic origin obviously being Japanese. In fact, Turkish band maNga totally stole the idea of mis-capitalizing a Japanese word from him, despite his appearance on the scene being roughly 3 years after the formation of the band.

He has won multiple competitions, though none of them hacking. They are in categories such as "Most annoying member of the Sonic 2 Beta board".

His hobbies include trolling, dropping references to hentai, recording videos of himself swearing at videogames, and making up humorous content about himself and others.

muteKi is also the creator (or at least a major supporter) of the "PINGAS" ping timeout IRC meme -- upon the occurrence of a ping timeout, he will reply with the word "PINGAS". It is a reference to a quote by Dr. Robotnik in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon; it is frequently used in Youtube Poops due to its similarity to the word "penis". ( )

As is to be expected given the above information this is likely somehow related to the fact that "pingas" currently causes the RetroServ IRC bot to kick when typed and posted. It should be noted that "pin gas" however is still completely valid. One then begins to wonder if, should replacing "pingas" with "pin gas" catch on, if the following product then would be expected to refer to some sort of chastity device:

muteKi was the second runner up in the Blue Sphere tournament, ending at 1337 to make a statement, coming in behind Robjoe who ended at 2022. Those who missed a related video stream of some of the run-through during the competition have nothing to live for as they'll never be able to see it despite their greatest efforts, and those who have will also have nothing to live for as all other awesome things pale in comparison.

Apparently this guy occasionally screws around with trackers as well, yet has not touched any form of XM-SMPS converters; not because it's a crappy tool and nobody should care about it but more because he works in midis or with TFM tracker, having a heavy interest in creating high-quality sounds through FM voice sets and SSG-EG effects rather than the PCM DAC channel and square waves (though he's been known to touch MOD2PSG2 from time to time). That's of course not to say that the two concepts are mutually exclusive as the creator of SMPS2XM will likely point out during his more moody periods (actually he's a pretty cool guy most of the time).

This male member is not actually gay but has been involved in musical theater, owns a sailor suit, and has vocal qualities akin to David Hyde Pierce. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? (NO, all those yuri pics are not in fact overcompensating! He's really that sexed up all the time.)

It should be noted that muteKi is in fact NSFW and this is why he appears to many to be lazy, shiftless, and careless -- because he simply is not safe for a work environment. HiKikomori (shut-in)? No, he's actually seen the sun. Well, he did once, anyway. His sight after that just never was the same, sadly.

For all the penis references and related terms this article contains only one reference to the word "cock", and it's in a self-referential statement.