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<forumuser name="Mustapha" /> Mustapha entered the Sonic community around July 2002, where he joined the Sonic CulT Community forums as his debut forum in the community. He is widely known for being the previous co-maintainer of Digibase Operations and previous local moderator at Sonic World Message Board (SWMB). He is also known for various boss tweaks in many Sonic games, such as hitcount editing, object spawns, and boss behavior (on which he collaborated with Sonic 65). Mustapha also brought back the Freedom ShacK forums alongside saxman in September 2004.

More recently he has rejoined Digibase as a local IRC operator, but has since been terminated as of August 2007, and has made a guide on implementing the lost Sonic 2 options menu into Sonic 3 by using various ASM tweaks with the help of Tweaker.

Now a days, Mustapha spends most of his time at work or home, playing the odd Sonic game, and also obsessing over the PLAYSTATION 3's various levels of ability to play PlayStation 2 software. Alongside that, he also has an obsession with purchasing and collecting PlayStation 2 games. He is often seen spouting irrelevent conversational bits in the Sonic Retro IRC channel.