Korou Tenshi

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<forumuser name="Korou Tenshi" /> Korou Tenshi is a male member from the West Midlands Area in England, United Kingdom. Although not being a rather outstanding or active member in terms of the community, he still adds into discussions here and there, albeit usually in the Member's Lounge.

Korou Tenshi happens to be "one of those Furfags," so it is advised to approach him with pitchforks and the like.


Korou Tenshi joined the Sonic scene in 2004 under the name BlakKaos on SWS2B before the so-called "great cleanout." After becoming vexed as to why he couldn't log on to the forums, he realised all members had been wiped from the boards and urged to rejoin, which he did so only to find the board a lot stricter on rules meaning how he passed Trial Membership the first time was inadequate to allow him through Pending Approval the second time around.

After realizing he was stuck in PA with no hope, he decided to create another account, which was against board rules, under the name Metal_Ridley. Making friends with a member who shared similar interests (Soil/Syren) allowed him to understand how to spend the trial time wisely and thus gained access to a full membership after showcasing a hack, Shadow in Sonic 2. This hack however was a poor sprite edit of Esrael's Sonic 2 Delta, and after people had realized this he was slated for his hacking attempts.

After various failed attempts of creating a decent hack, the now renamed Beta-X decided to leave the forums for an unknown amount of time due to his feeling of inadequacy amongst the members. Several years later, he resurfaced under the current name of Korou Tenshi after rekindling an interest in hacking and being mature enough to learn to understand basic ASM hacking, and created a few basic but unreleased hacks using it. Currently he shows no interest in creating a fully fledged Sonic Hack.