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<forumuser name="Ink" /> Ink is 27 years old and one of the rare females in the Sonic gaming community. A gifted writer, she wastes her talent largely on fanfiction in the Sonic the Hedgehog, Ninja Turtles, Mighty Ducks and LazyTown fandoms. A not-so-gifted artist, she yet attempts to draw and has discovered a reasonable talent for sprite creation and editing. This has led to the creation of two series of what are arguably actually decent sprite comics, MuMu, The Fattest Thing Alive, about an exceedingly fat and spoiled chao, and Avoiding Amy, about the lengths to which various Sonic characters are willing to go to avoid the most annoying of pink hedgehogs.

Ink is fascinated by fangaming, despite her lack of skill in programming, and hopes that her sprite work and writing will someday be of use to a game team made up of people who can program.

It should be noticed that Ink has a strange, and often twisted, sense of humor, as can be seen in her Chao fanart and spur-of-the-moment doodles and sprite edits such as Crucified Sonic.


Ink has been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since childhood, but didn't join the online fan community until 2002, her first semester of college, when she rediscovered Sonic thanks to news of the upcoming debut of Sonic X. She discovered the fangame community almost immediately, thanks to joining Sonic Fan Games Headquarters's forums under the very creative name of "Ink The Echidna." During her time as a regular at SFGHQ, she created a Sonic Advance emoticon pack that is still used today.

Circa 2005, she finally joined the Moogle Cavern, after difficulties with validation emails had stopped her in the past. She was a frequent poster there until the Moogle Cavern closed in early 2008, after which she followed most of that forum's userbase to Sonic Eats Rings. Upon discovering IRC somewhere in this era, she became a regular at both #srb2 on and #lemonade on what is now, and eventually #soniccenter on She was a regular at Sonic Eats Rings until July 2008, when personal circumstances led to her living in her car and thus not having a steady Internet connection.

In November of 2008, Ink moved to Pennsylvania for a time, staying with friends she had met through The Moogle Cavern/Sonic Eats Rings. She posted again during this time but wasn't very into the Sonic scene. In March of 2009, she moved to Los Angeles, California, and largely fell away from Sonic Eats Rings altogether, save for the rare sporadic post. She later became more of a regular in #soniccenter.

Her fanfiction may not be a total waste, as it seems she has some readers. In September 2009, one fan began turning her fiction, My Life: Anything But Ordinary, into a comic. Inspired by the sudden interest, she regained an actual interest in Sonic, and joined #retro in late 2009.

Ink subsequently discovered that, despite having joined Sonic Retro sometime in the past when another member vouched for her, her account had been lost, presumably in past drama, so she decided to rejoin under the same name, Ink. After a validation post recounting her history with the Sonic community-at-large, she was given the status of "oldbie."

Sonic Eats Rings on Ink

Ink is a girl.

Her character ID is a black Echidna. Monotreme pride y'all.

She used to be all sweet and skittles and candy and was a fan of Lazytown. Then she got into Lordi. I'm pretty sure she's the only person to have a Gaia Online page tiled with both Lordi AND Lazytown stickers. If there IS another person like this, he/she and Ink have to have a steel cage match. And my money is on Ink.

Alright, I get that she's a dedicated fan of the Mighty Ducks cartoon show. I know this is the internet and everything has to have somebody interested in it? But the weird thing? She wasn't actually the first diehard Mighty Ducks Cartoon Show fan I've met.

Once, she and Angst [a chick] totally rolled around with NeroMan in a pile of flour. Scientists later observed recordings of the event and agreed that if Ink weren't a furry, the whole thing would be almost possibly hot.

Ink has not posted for months at a time because she was too busy living in her glove compartment.

Sonic Eats Rings Museum as written by NeroMan/Zodberg


As of June 2010, Ink can be found almost without exception in #retro. Obsessed with Sonic-related music, she is currently working on both her personal Sonic music collection and completing the music sections of the Sonic Retro wiki. She's also recently begun to post again at Sonic Eats Rings and SFGHQ.

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