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Unlimited Trees (a.k.a HorriblePerson) is a trial member at Sonic Retro and somehow a full member at SSRG. He exists, this wiki page is meaningless, go away you loser. Go spend you time doing something useful.


Like you care about his history. Or anyone else's history for that matter. Do you honestly want a few paragraphs explaining the history of Le Gr8 meme man XDDDDDD


Super Duper Secret Project (2014-????)

A Sonic-inspired project which has been stuck in development hell for a long time.

Sonic 2 But with More Level Design (2016-2016, cancelled)

Unlimited Trees' first public hack. Download link no longer works. If anybody still has the ROM, please contact me!

Pepsi in Sonic 1 (2016-2016, Complete)

A parody hack of other hacks. A demo appeared at SAGE 2016, and a full game is coming to the Hacking Contest this year!

Unlimited Trees' Sonic The Hedgehog

After getting shit for his hacks in 2016's contest, Unlimited decided to make a hack which he plans to be the best hack he's ever done. At the moment development is just starting, so it's kind of a rough start.