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Hinchy is a member that has been in and out of the Sonic scene for years. He first got into the fan community via Sonic Robo Blast 2 and subsequently SFGHQ roughly around the release of Sonic Adventure 2. He was very active in the stupid Sonic fancharacter fanfiction segment of the community even while simultaneously maintaining a Sonic CulT account that somehow never got banned (I guess they just never cared enough about him to look up his obvious fancharacter dumbassery). Eventually he hit puberty and stopped being dumb [citation needed] and left that part of the community and lurked on Sonic CulT and then X-CulT for a few years, pursuing interests that weren't related to hedgehogs. Then he showed up on Retro one day and now rarely posts outside of the Oldbie Lounge. Clearly a true role model and hero.

Hinchy primarily works as part of the independent game development team, The Layabouts, working on games such as Collectems and The Legend Of Doodle.

However, he is perhaps best known in the Sonic fan community for his work on Sonic Melponterations, an "expansion pack" for the PC version of Sonic Generations, and his work on the soundtrack to Sonic Time Twisted.