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<forumuser name="Glisp" /> Glisp (formerly known as glitchhunter09) is a more recent member of the Sonic scene. Rather than explaining his own story in detail he is simply going to simply say that he currently has no girlfriend, has never gotten laid, and is pretty much the guy who ends up falling for already taken girls and doesn't know it until it is too late. That's just his luck though.

Love Life and Eccentric Behavior (Like Anyone Cares)

He also made friends with a girl he had a crush on for five years (which annoyed her to hell and drove Glisp insane.) It took Glisp nearly six years to admit he had a stalking problem. Fortunately, Glisp is going to get help and hopes to become the person he's always wanted to be. A real romanticist. Glisp's futile six year struggle ended with him going nearly insane but also consulting with a friend of his who was a friend of the girl he was stalking and eventually was able to break free of the hold his obsession had on him.

The effort almost caused him to lose the will to live but he got over his self pity and eventually learned to accept others and he became very unwilling to push a relationship on a girl and just try to get to know her first. So far, he's making some progress. He's made quite a few friends with girls. Though a few of them have boyfriends, he is willing to wait until one becomes available before he asks them. Learning that a girl he has a crush on has a boyfriend doesn't hurt him as much as it used to and he just now accepts that if his turn is going to come, then it will.

Glisp's behavior on the boards seems to have changed in some ways. Now he seems more open and also seems to display a degree of care towards the community that many other members lack. He also seems to have a higher tolerance towards stupidity and is willing to come up with friendly ways to make board members feel less stupid. He is opposed to how some board members think they are all that but says that it isn't their fault. They just believed that because it makes them feel bigger when in reality, he knows it is killing them deep down because he has been down that road before. He's also starting to display some degree of superficial intelligence of sorts. Despite this, he has yet to gain any respect because of his attitude towards the community.

In the Beginning

Glisp originally got interested in the Sonic community when he stumbled across the old Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta site back in winter of 2007 (around January or so.) via a link in a Wikipedia article talking about Hidden Palace Zone. After this he slowly started absorbing the information from the site. After he ran out of new information he was desperate to gain more. During the following summer he tried the SWS2B quiz (though he had no idea there was a such thing as a free Email account.) He failed the test but blamed it on the fact that Some of the other important sites were down. Eventually the upcoming school year, he would eventually make his way to Sonic Cult and start absorbing the information on there. Glisp was just a simple lurker during the first year and a half. Finally in December of 2007, he finally got an E-mail account. He then got an account on Youtube where his username was and still is glitchhunter09.

Getting to Retro

In June of 2008 he decided to sign up for Sonic Retro. This would be the first time he signed up for any forum ever. It turned out to be a decision he ended up regretting. He was a Pending Member until October 2, 2008. However, he quickly made several noobish posts and was banned the following day and all traces of his existance other than his membership in the Misfits user group were removed. Even though he was banned he still wished to serve the Sonic Community.

Pokemon forums

During the time that he was a pending member, Glisp joined one of the worst pokemon forums possible. he later abandoned the site after the super strict rules started to annoy him. He got into a disagreement with the a "anti-piracy" admin over the illeagality of roms (Which was quite noobish.) After this disagreement he left the forums never to return and also subsequently withdrew his presence from another pokemon forum which was just as strict, only due to a moderator who was stalking him and trying to get him into trouble and also unfair rules that moderators could easily break.(involving roms mainly.)He next joined pokecommunity forums and showed off his pokemon hack. (which was seen as too simplistic by many and they wanted changes that he wasn't willing to accept.

Glitch City Labs Forums

During the time he joined pokemon forums, Glisp Decided to join Abwayax's Glitch City Laboratories Forums. He also decided to show everyone his rom hack.(This was before he showed it to pokecommunity) People said it sucked mostly but and he started to get angry and threw a tantrum. When the rom hacking forums on GCL were made invisible to normal members he then left GCL for some time (During which he joined Pokecommunity.) He came back later that fall to help with glitches and be more mature as he did not want to get banned from GCL like he did Retro. He left for nearly a month and returned. He found that Yuzihax had permanently retired from Adminship and had left the forums permanently. Glisp seeing an opportunity to get on Abwayax's good side, decided to ask for a job. Thus he is now elidgeable for a Staff position if he does his job well. On the forums Glisp currently serves as a member plus and is very loyal to the community in more ways than one. Whether to provide entertainment or kiss the admins' asses, Glisp can almost certainly be found there when not on Youtube or Sonic Retro. (Unless he's on the Carnivores Saga Forums or offline of course.)

He generally enjoys to playfully tease and torment the other members of the forums and is responsible for the once hilarious but also terribly atrocious and now overused GCLF meme "lard turd mega now to you can't touch my lawnmover" on the forums.(If you are curious about exactly what that is, it was the username of a formerly banned GCLF user.)

Abwayax eventually thought the meme was overused when the member, Fivex the Third thought it would be funny to take Glisp's joke about nominating lard turd for member plus seriously. Lard turd had his own usergroup made by one of the admins on the boards and Glisp along with several others joined for epic lulz. Chaos on the boards then insued in the form of everyone except the more serious members wanting to be part of the usergroup names "GCLF Lawnmovers". This is what killed the meme for a bit though occasionally the meme comes up every now and then. This little meme also spawned a short lived spin off meme called "You can't touch my bulldozer" after Glisp posted a picture of a Bulldozer on GCLF stating that it was what he thought a lawn mover might be.

Carnivores Community

Glisp got involved with the Carnivores Saga forums in July of 2008. Seeing as he couldn't become a Trial Member on Retro at the time and was pretty much looked down upon by the Pokemon hacking community, decided to joining The Carnivores Saga, a forum dedicated to modding the Carnivores Dinosaur/Prehistoric animal hunting sim series.One hit from an animal and you are lunch or Toe Jam. His most popular mod he has made is Dark Apochalypse Tyrannosaur mod. This mod was birthed from a Flame war. Glisp used all of his pent up anger to create this monster. The voice recording can either be interpreted as funny or creepy depending upon the listener. Glisp made those voice recordings himself. Glisp will always remember the Saga as the first forums he actually felt like he fit in.

A New Identity is Born

glitchhunter09 eventually got tired of his old username on GCL due to the fact he was unintentionally part of something he referred to as the "Glitch Hunter Cliche". Desperate to break away because his username lost its uniqueness, he Requested his username to be changed. Remembering an enemy in one of his scrapped video game ideas he decided to make that his new username. He had named this enemy "Glisp" Which is a merger of the words "Glitch Wasp") his glitchhunter09 name idea came from the main character of that game idea as well. His favorite catchphrase is "Glitch + Wasp = Glisp".

Back to Retro

In early February of 2009, (following the day of his username change) Glisp managed to catch Tweaker on GCL (Yes Tweaker has an account on GCL too.) via PM. He explained that he was very sorry for acting like an idiot and also said that his banning from Sonic Retro actually helped him. It made him realize how foolish he really was and he made a vow never to be banned from another forum ever again and to always be on his best behavior. He also said that he shared Tweaker's birthday and age. Seeing how much Glisp had matured, Tweaker decided to unban him and rename him Glisp.


Glisp is still very active in the Carnivores, Sonic, and GCL communities and is always willing to help them in anyway he can. One thing is certain, as long as Glisp is around, his kind and thoughtful nature will continue to inspire others for all time. Even so, he throws tantrums on in the scene every so often. There are rumors circulating around however that these tantrums actually increased his popularity and that some members actually have made secret cults dedicated to him. He still is questioning whether or not these rumors are true despite the assurance from Tongara.

Sonic Hacking Projects

  • Scourge 3 and Chaos Knuckles: Hack of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Nothing more than a lame Sprite hack. Canceled due to it simplicity. Currently one of the only hacks to feature Scourge the Hedgehog and may be even one of the first hacks of him for the Genesis series. He started it way back in March of 2008. He made Pallet updates when Archie Comics Sonic the hedgehog issue #196 came out. Aquaslash said the Sprites were shitty so Glisp cancelled the Hack.)
  • Fenlix the Fox in Sonic 2: This was another Sonic hack. This hack uses haeavily edited but badly shaded sprites of Tails and Sonic as well as some pallet changes. One of the feature worth noting is that the Sprites themselves are relatively interesting. Sonic has his head removed and replaced by Sonic 3 Tails and Sonic's eyes are pasted onto tails head. In addition to this there are a few custom head poses as well that use Sonic's head as a base rather than Tails'. Tails Sprites have been changed into a sort of Phoenix/Parrot hybrid. (a Parrix in otherwords.)
  • Velociraptor in Sonic the Hedgehog: Glisp's most recent Sonic hack and possibly his best hacking idea yet. In fact, one member of Sonic Retro said that this baby has the potential to exceed Atomic Sonic as the best hack ever. Glisp of course has to get familiar with ASM hacking first but afterwards he will be able to finish the hack. In the meantime he's focusing on importing the Raptor's Sprites to the game via SonMapEd. His motto in this case is: "Get what you know done first. Then pursue what you don't know. That way you will be ready to face the tough trials ahead."

Non-Sonic Hacking projects

Glisp quickly grew bored of Sonic hacking due to lack of help and his overall inability to be patient enough to learn ASM. However, Glisp has been working on hacking the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game series known as Streets of Rage. His most prominent hacking choice was Streets of Rage 2 US because he just felt like starting there. Eventually, he met up with a guy by the surname of Red Crimson. Evidently Tweaker knew whom he was because of an encounter via e-mail months before. The funny part was that Red Crimson just happened to appear when Glisp was beginning to start the first Streets of Rage hacking attempt the community had in five years. Red Crimson eased Glisp's burdon of learning ASM but Glisp still feels the need to learn how to hack with ASM. Glisp has learned how to use a hex editor now because of Red Crimson. Together he and Red Crimson have been solving the mysteries and finding problems with hacking the SOR games.

  • "Streets of Rage 2: Deluxe Sega CD edition:" This hack has yet to be started but the plans are to port the game to Sega CD complete with Redbook Audio support and to make Shiva, the Final boss's right hand man, a playable character since he uses the same pallete line as the characters and has almost every animation a playable character should have. Running abilities and animations for all characters besides Skate are going to be implemented as well and there could quite possibly be new levels for the game as well.
  • "Bare Knuckle III: Director's Cut:" This is a hack that restores the lost levels and areas to Bare Knuckle III (the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3 for those of you whom don't know.)It currently is on version 1 and includes the bike stages accessible by normal means and the hidden areas of Round 6 accessible too. Red Crimson restored bike animations to their original intent.
  • "Unused Prototype Data and other stuff:" Glisp has found the name of the Streets of Rage 2 sound driver by searching through the rom in a hex editor. He happened upon it by accident while recording text offsets. Glisp also found an unused US title screen in the Bare Knuckle II beta dump floating around the web currently. He has also accidentally came across an unused title screen animation in Bare Knuckle III by change around values in some PAR codes made by someone else.

Glispy Trivia

  • Glisp and Tweaker are the same age and share the same birthday: October 2nd, 1990. (Pretty creepy isn't it kids?)
  • Glisp is odd because he idolizes Tweaker and Abwayax of which whom are both the same age as him. He also Idolized Sazpaimon for a short while but it eventually ended for reasons he doesn't even know the answer to.
  • Glisp suffers from ADHD so if he fails to take his medication you'll know it unless he keeps it under control of course.
  • Glisp's and Tweaker's real first names rhyme: Dustin and Justin.
  • Glisp actually enjoys talking to people. In fact he is very fond of talking, even doing so when out of turn. Glisp gladly accepts anyone to talk to him.
  • Glisp hates roxahris because he sees him as an elitist bastard. Likewise, Roxahris sees Glisp as a useless noob and an idiot. Despite this Glisp respects Roxahris's abilities in hacking. However, putting them in the same spot is never a good idea.
  • Glisp is very odd on the IRC. Often he'll quote people and change vital words in their sentences to say "Lucky Charms" or "Cows" for shits and giggles. Sometimes the members get laughs out of it. Other times Glisp gets a facepalm or two. Then other times, Glisp gets kicked from the IRC and has to reconnect. Currently, his connection prevents him from visiting the IRC.