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<forumuser name="GasparXR"/> GasparXR is a relatively obscure member of the Sonic Hacking community. Originally known as Superior on the SSRG forums, he initially had a rough entry into the community due to being quite young (11, at the time), being subject to abuse by many forum members due to his lack of community experience. He has been known to be rather peppy and upbeat, making excessive use of the "=P" emoticon and having a tendency to post multiple times in a single thread. He is an avid support of the ProSonic game engine by saxman.

He is working on a hack of Super Mario World titled Super Mario XR, of which there is a thread on Sonic Retro forums, SSRG forums, SMWCentral forums, SMRPGL forums, and RetroHack forums.

SMXR threads: