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<forumuser name="Foreversonic" /> Foreversonic is the nickname of Simon Marc Shirley.


Simon is fairly new to the Sonic scene, having become a member of his first message board, The Sonic Stadium, in April 2007.

Life History

Simon started using computers from an early age, the first of which being the Commodore 64. After playing a plethora of games created for it, he took his love of computing and began to learn the BASIC programming language.

Without the aid of computing lessons, as there were no computing teachers at school, Simon learned and began training fellow school pupils. It wasn't until Simon enrolled on an A Level Computing course at the Kett Sixth Form Centre, that he had undertaken a computing lesson.

Since then, Simon has "upgraded" from the BASIC programming language to Visual Basic, which was first introduced during the A Level. After completing the A Level, Simon went on to further his education at City College Norwich, where a number of courses have been studyed.

These include:

  • BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (Software Development) - Learning to program in Visual Basic, C++ and in Java.
  • World Wide Web Authoring Levels 2 and 3 - Learning to build websites in HTML and CSS.

Simon graduated from City College Norwich, in October 2007, with a Higher National Certificate (Level 5) in Computing. He is currently working towards a Higher National Diploma, which, if successful, will see him graduate in October 2008.

Sonic History

Born in 1985, Simon has grown up with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends his whole life. His first ever Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System, which, to this day, is still his favourite game.

Simon has been a great fan of Sonic and his friends right from the beginning and has followed them since. In April of 2007, he decided to begin researching information on the franchise and began to investigate other sites with the same interest. This led to the discovery of the Sonic Stadium.

On the 23rd June 2007, (Sonic's 16th Birthday), Simon first made use of Internet Relay Chat, to join in the celebrations for Sonic's birthday whilst listening to the celebrations from SegaSonic Radio.

When a member of FastFeet Media posted a forum topic asking to have Sonic music written in tablature form, Simon began the task of creating such media. This led to Simon becoming a member of FastFeet Media, and after sending some website suggestions to Graham Seward, he soon became one of the developers for the site. Since then, the site has expanded and has since left the Sonic Stadium Network to become it's own site for Sonic the Hedgehog and other SEGA media.

Simon is now the main functionality developer of the FastFeet Media website for his work in PHP and MySQL.

After being introduced to the website by Kool Chao, Simon became a member of the ever growing, RadioSEGA website, in September 2007. Simon has recently (as of April 2008) been promoted to his first moderator status.

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