Dark Sonic

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Dark Sonic (she/her) has been a long time member of the Sonic community, starting off at the Sonic Stadium over 15 years ago under the name Shadowknux56. She was a former administrator at the Sonic Cage Dome.

She used to have a fan character associated with the name but said design is now largely dormant. Shadow Knux was a black Knuckles with blue Shadow Esq dreadlock stripes. Dark Sonic (not associated with Sonic X’s Dark Sonic, and possibly existed prior to Sonic X’s) started as an orange Shadow with blue stripes on his spikes, eventually becoming a black Sonic with green spike stripes, a white tank top, fingerless gloves, spiked wrist and ankle bands, and black jeans. It was the 2000s you see. And ironically, these days, she doesn’t even like Shadow.

Community Presence

Former Community Presence