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<forumuser name="CyberKitsune" /> CyberKitsune (also goes by CK) has been a long-time lurker to the Sonic community, and is now a Member at Sonic Retro. He considers himself a furry, and used to be quite boastful about it, but has since changed.


CK used to run #anthro, a channel for furries on BadnikNet, but due to an argument between several IRC Staff, Spexfox took over and renamed the channel to #furry, at which point CK helped administrate as an op, but after another emotional outburst, he was demoted, and now just regulars the channel.


  • CK helped saxman on the ProSonic Mac OS X port.
  • CK is currently working with SonicFreak94 on a top-secret Sonic fangame.
  • CK is also working on a personal Sonic ROM hack, details are unknown.


CK is still relatively new to Sonic Retro, but he has met some friends already, most notably, Spexfox, Enzo Aquarius, SlushBox, Flygon, Hybrid Project Alpha, Sonicjosh, Samui, Ironfist, Tweaker, Ross-Irving, Kradorex, Toby, HarroSIN, and Irixion. (Sorry if I forgot anyone o.o;)