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<forumuser name="Bryn2k" /> Bryn2k, more commonly referred to as Bryn, as he isn't a huge fan of nicknames, has a long and not always illustrious history within the Sonic scene.


Early days: April 2001 - June 2002

Bryn started off within the EZBoard of what was at the time Pelord's Sonic 2 Beta site. His first ever post was less than memorable, being an ultimately clichéd new topic asking if anyone else wondered why Dr. Eggman just didn't give up and go home given he always lost. In those days, registration was not required to post on the EZBoard and this lead to problems when he was found on the forums at school by a bunch of his friends who proceeded to post nonsense topics under the guise of 'Sonic Haters'. This event passed, but not without the introduction of compulsory EZBoard registration.

He was part of the Set Ark group, contributing lots of mock-up screens of what they hoped the final fangame effort to end up as, but alas this was to come to nothing when the game's engine coder, MangoMan vanished from the community. The project was canned unceremoniously.

In 2002, Bryn's house was flooded during a freak storm, and he was rendered without an internet connection for a period of six months, in which time he developed an interest in editing Super Mario World ROMs. By today's standards his edits were basic, and even then he didn't deem them worthy of public release.

The Troubles: December 2002 - December 2003

When Bryn returned, he found the area he had left beyond recognition - Simon Wai had returned and Sonic Classic was born, but this was not to his advantage when he misgauged the then developing strife between Sonic CulT and the newly launched Sonic Classic, and launched into several of the conflicts there, making more enemies than allies. These actions, combined with some unfortunate decisions (such as locking an entire board), eventually resulted in him losing his position as Moderator at SClassic. These events had a more profound effect on Bryn's view of Sonic fandom in general, and he became rapidly dissillusioned with it, and was rarely seen on the boards for some time. In December 2003 he launched a website based on his other interest, transport, and that is still running to this day.

In the Wilderness: January 2004 - May 2007

Bryn regularly spent time in the AIM based chats, known originally as the OMG Fortresses, but very little time on boards. He did have a membership of CulT under the psuedonym "The Unwanted One", but a few sensible posts and acts of reconcilliation managed to get the majority of people he had alienated during 2003 at least on speaking terms with him. The majority of this time was spent with Bryn dealing with his Advanced Level Exams in the UK, and the start of his University career, studying Law. In March 2006, he passed his driving test after several false starts, and became more interested in driving and his transport hobby than in computer games. His general attitude towards life became less hostile, and although he remains a cynical curmudgeonly figure, his main adversaries today consist of politically correct trendies and students with no grasp on life. In May 2007, he started to lose contact with those he had spent the majority of his early years in the Sonic scene with, something that started to concern him deeply by September.

The Present, and Good Future? June 2007 - present day

Bryn and a friend.

Bryn decided, after many months of deliberation, to try and reignite his contact skills and rejoined Sonic Retro in November 2007. Whilst he wants to regain lost contacts, he also realises that his hacking skills are virtually non-existant, and he hasn't got much to offer to the research scene, so in the meantime it is likely he will remain an infrequent poster, but perhaps a regular visitor, as he enjoys reading the findings of others.

In August 2007 he bought a car, which has enabled him to travel across the United Kingdom in pursuit of his transport hobby and still maintains his own website, which in 2008 reached its fifth birthday. Bryn's big milestone will be his 20th birthday in June 2008, meaning he will no longer have to put up with being called a teenager.

When not lounging around on his computer, Bryn used to work in a convienience store, although he quit this job in April 2007 following a row with his boss, and generally has much more confidence with himself than he used to.


"Imagine a city that's got two gangs in it, and these two gangs constantly have street brawls and gun wars, over things like drugs and cash. Eventually, the police in the city give up and just allow the gangs to run amok. The innocent residents of the city get so pissed off that they simply pack their bags and move on. The city falls into disrepair and all that's left are about ten gang members, who promptly kill one another until the very last one is left with all the crap and a desolate wasteland" - (sourced from Hidden Palace Zone: ACLA-ATD4)

The above quote was written during the 2003 period, and whilst Bryn was in no means an innocent party in the events, some of his efforts to try and reconcile were the slow beginnings of a more understanding era between communities. It's rare that he will post something as memorable, generally his best quotes are in AIM chats, and consist of sarcastic one-liners or satirical observations. Most people who know him also know his sense of humour can be somewhat risqué and jokes about events that have very recently happened are a staple.