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Bakayote is a scener who composes music for ROM hacks and provides information and scans for the Sonic Retro wiki.

He is known for creating the 2013-2015 Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hack BakaSonic.

Personal Projects

  • Project Hedgehog (2013)
  • BakaSonic (2013-2015)
  • Project Reiko (2014-2015)
  • Cement Tissue Dracula Bang Bang (2015 Canceled)
  • Yùndòng Zìxíngchē (2015-)
  • Tails Adventures For Über Players (2016-)

Work On Other Projects

  • SonicMT.bin (Betatesting, Minor Art Editing)
  • Mobius Evolution (Betatesting)
  • Sonic: North Island (Betatesting, Logo Art, Music, Minor Programming)
  • Sonic 4: Cybernetic Outbreak (Logo Art, Betatesting)
  • CrazySonic (Misc. Music)
  • Sonic 2: Return of Shadow (Betatesting, Music)
  • GFThePlayer's Untitled Sonic 1 Hack (Music)
  • Sonic 1 Scorched Quest (Music)
  • Natsumi's MD Music Player (Font)

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