From Sonic Retro

Spell 573


The sky is overcast,

The stars are darkened,
the celestial expanses quiver,
The bones of the earth-gods tremble.
The planets are stilled,
Which see me ascending and exalted
As this god, Lord of the myriads,
Who lives on offerings,
Whom Osiris has equipped.
I am Re, the sole jackal in the sky,
Whose mother knows not his name.
My power is in the horizon,
My glory is in the sky,
Like Re-Atum my father who begot me;
He gave me his soul,
He gave me his power,
And I am indeed a spirit.
My magic is about me.
My ... are under my feet,
The gods are on me,
My uraei are on my brow,
My guiding serpent is on my vertex,
My soul has looked in the flame,
And it is licked up.
It is I who have acquired his powers,
I am the Bull of the sky
Who conquers at will,
Who lives on the beings of the gods,
And who feeds on hearts and magic;
Even of those who come
with their bodies full of magic
From the Island of Fire.
Those who are in the celestial expanses serve me,
And I have appeared among them as a god,
A possessor of helpers.
I sit with my back to Geb
At the head of the Two Conclaves,
For it is I who will give judgment
In company with Him whose name is hidden
On that night of slaying the Oldest Ones
I am a Lord of men who lives on the gods,
I am one who himself prepares his meal.
It is Destroyer-of-messages who resides in Khȝsn
Who lassoes their magicians for me;
It is He who uses his hand
Who binds them for me;
It is He who is over the blood-offering
Who guards them for me,
And extracts for me what is in their bodies;
It is my messenger Khons
Who is sent against him who would oppose;
It is the Winepress god, red of timbers,
Who slaughters them for me
And who cooks for me a portion of them
On his evening hearth-stones.
The Chaos-gods are chewed,
The sun-folk are swallowed,
The new moon circulates under them.
It is the Great of heart in the north of the sky
Who makes ready the cauldrons for me,
And a portion of them is cooked for me
From the thighs of the spirits which are among them.
Their big ones are for my night meal,
Their little ones are for my morning meal,
Their middle-sized ones are for my supper,
Their old ones are for my hearth-stones.
I am a Power more powerful than the gods,
I have circumambulated all of the two skies,
I have gone all over the sky, the earth and the river-banks,
I have appeared among the Powers who are in the horizon,
And him whom I found in my way,
I devoured piecemeal.
See me, men and gods!
I have appeared as one older than the Old Ones,
I have reappeared in the sky,
I am crowned in the realm of the horizon.
Men offer to me with myriads of caught fish,
I have eaten of the hearts of the gods,
I have cut off the baboons and their vertebrae,
I have eaten of the Green One,
I have gulped down the Red One,
I have become a spirit by means of the ... of the Red Crown,
And there are no potentates who shall act by destroying
My favourite place in the whole of the Two Lands.
I eat of their magic,
I gulp down their powers,
My strength in me is more than theirs.
Their powers are within me,
Their souls are with me,
Their shades are with their lords,
Their magic is in my belly,
The Great Lady who dwells in the plain of the Silent Ones stands firm for me,
And I have fished them up.
It is the star which rules in the east of the sky
Which brings to me;
... of their catch-nets,
My father's daughter being among them;
Skillful is he who knows
How to cut up caught fish,
Being what went forth from it.
The meat for me is for my breakfast today,
The meat of the morning's slaughtering.
I am Re of this day;

My father Re is [...].