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AamirM is a Pakistan-based member of the Sonic scene and a Tech Member of Sonic Retro. He is the author of multiple accuracy-focused emulators of various gaming consoles. The most prominent of these is Regen, an emulator of the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis that is regarded as a steady competitor to Steve Snake's Kega Fusion in terms of accuracy to the original hardware. Others include Satronic, emulating the Sega Saturn; Reality0x40, emulating the Nintendo 64; and Turbo Engine, emulating the PC Engine.

Although he is not particularly known for work on homebrew or ROM hacking, AamirM's knowledge of the hardware and assembly languages of the Mega Drive's main processors, the Motorola 68000 and the YM2612, as well as his knowledge of other aspects of the console's workings, make him a widely regarded source of technical knowledge and assistance. In addition, he has been known to playtest various Sonic hacks in his emulator and to help the authors work out bugs in their code.

AamirM continues to contribute to and interacts with the emulation community on a broad scale. His work on Regen goes on, with recent progress including his porting it to the Linux platform and adding support for the Sega Mega-CD; the continuing aim is for it to be one of the best Mega Drive emulators available for use by the general public. Moreover, recently he has been working on several other projects, as noted above and detailed on his blog.

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