The Glowing Bridge

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The Glowing Bridge
Current owner(s): Qjimbo
Type of site: Research and Analysis
Created on: March 2007
Current status: Offline

The Glowing Bridge was a web site that existed to archive research on Sonic the Hedgehog prototype games, and to also document modifying Sonic games using split disassembly techniques.

Although it was highly disliked by certain members of the community, due to its controversial origins, it pioneered some concepts that were later embraced by Sonic Retro, such as tags on the forum for posting blocks of assembly (though this was never fully completed on GB) and the idea of having simple step-by-step tutorials, an idea that became mirrored on Retro with its SCHG How-to:Guide section.

Since Glowing Bridge later became wiki-based, with the idea of people submitting their own tutorials, the site collapsed and became entirely redundant with the creation of the SCHG Guide section due to Retro having a larger memberbase, and was closed down in November 2007.

In September 2009, x64 acquired the domain name and the MyBB database and restored the site for archival purposes. In December 2009, the archive was closed down.