The Chaotix Detective Agency

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Sonic X episode #39
"The Chaotix Detective Agency"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Moriwaki
Production no.: 039
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
This article is about the Sonic X episode. For Vector, Charmy, and Espio's moderately unsuccessful business, see Team Chaotix.

The Chaotix Detective Agency is the 39th episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Defective Detectives. It is the first episode to take place after the Sonic Adventure 2 arc.


After the threat of the ARK is dealt with, the effect of the Chaos Emeralds has transported even more creatures from Sonic's world to Chris' world. Many current residents of the latter express concern for this development, wondering how the two different populations will manage to get along.

The Chaotix Detective Agency, however, are among the new arrivals, and they hit the ground running. Charmy aids his coworkers in getting oriented when he retrieves a newspaper--and in the Japanese and French versions, a DVD of Sonic X--describing the recent events. The Chaotix, apparently, have been searching for Sonic; Vanilla the Rabbit has hired them to find her daughter, and they suspect Sonic of kidnapping her. (Their speech seems to indicate that they consider Sonic a troublemaker in his own world, but no details are given.)

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman launches a rocket to repair the moon--though the repaired half resembles the Death Egg more than anything natural. When Sonic confronts him, Eggman offers a sentiment similar to that voiced by others: that continuing to live in Chris' world forever is impossible.

The Chaotix locate Cream in Chris' house, and attempt first stealth, then a frontal attack, to get her out. When Sonic returns with Vanilla herself, she and Cream are joyfully reunited. With that misunderstanding cleared up, the episode ends happily.

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