The CAD Room

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A group of sceners who knew each other through high school, The CAD Room (commonly referred to as simply TCR) has a few ties into the Sonic community. It started out as a sprite-comic group based at, and includes WiteoutKing, InsaneSonikkuFan, Tigress, Scali, and Dimon (The latter two very rarely entered the actual Sonic community). TCR has taken a few stabs at basic hacking, including a TCR-esque hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by InsaneSonikkuFan. WiteoutKing has also begun progress with a group for from-scratch game coding called 4Fiends Entertainment.

TCR was considered for a time "the group taking over Sonic CulT"¹ when PACHUKA decided to sell the content and domain. After promises of money were made, Tigress wrote a check for the sum total and mailed it to him. She was paid back in full later on. (TCR put in $300/$850) Shortly after, Sazpaimon and InsaneSonikkuFan became admins of the forums (with Saz also holding the main content). Tigress became CulT Posse. Both stepped down to their previous ranks about a month later.

A few months later PACHUKA was arrested, and since the domain and its password were his, was no more. Sazpaimon still had backups of the content, and Tigress (nervous from a prior incident with the server) had recently purchased the domain She allowed the content to be put on the .net domain, and sometime later she handed the control of the domain to InsaneSonikkuFan under his Godaddy account. As of today, he still runs the domain.

Dimon was never a member of any Sonic community board. Scali on rare occassions browses Sonic CulT. Tigress has recently returned to the scene and frequents Sonic CulT. InsaneSonikkuFan remains an influence on several Sonic boards, and WiteoutKing continues to frequent Sonic CulT.

¹ Some people who were not fond of TCR considered this to be a vie for power.