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Suggestion for new download box

I've always been kind of irritated by the download box. There's some usability issues with it: it's wordy, and you're linking to something by using the words "click here", which can basically be easily avoided...


Download SonED2

File: Soned2.exe (250 KB)
Current version: 1.03

This one conveys the exact same information using less words, and uses the exact same template parameters, so as to not break compatibility. The template also had the variable "plural" in it...I ran a search for "plural" and couldn't find any pages using it. However, that becomes irrelevant if we were to use this new box.

The template code (it will need to be tested):

{|style="width:400px;" class="toc"
|align="left" width="50px"|[[Image:Download.svg|40px|link=File:{{{file}}}]]
[[Media:{{{file}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:140%">Download {{ #if: {{{title|}}} | {{{title}}} | {{PAGENAME}} }}</span>]]
<div style="font-size:90%">'''File:'''  <span style="font-size:95%">{{{file}}} {{#if:{{{filesize|}}}|({{{filesize}}})|}}</span><br>
{{ #if: {{{version|}}} |'''Current version:'''  <span style="font-size:95%">{{{version}}}</span>|}}</div>

--PicklePower 23:43, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

I like this, do one for multiple downloads such as what Gens/GS uses and I think we have a winner. SOTI 23:46, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

A bit large. I've made it a little more compact below.



Download SonED2

File: Soned2.exe (250 KB)
Current version: 1.03
Either is good. I like both of these. But don't forget the second link - there's a . hyperlinked at the end of any given download box that links to the wiki page - for example, over at STE the main link goes to http://info.sonicretro.org/images/6/60/Ste1.10.7z , but the dot goes to http://info.sonicretro.org/File:Ste1.10.7z . See the subtle difference? Both need keeping. Overlord 19:46, 26 October 2009 (UTC)
That hidden link isn't necessary since I made Download.svg link to the file page. - Hivebrain 19:58, 26 October 2009 (UTC)
Using download.svg may be too subtle--maybe do a (file info) after the file line? Otherwise, I think this is a great improvement. - Scarred Sun 22:05, 26 October 2009 (UTC)

Download SonED2

File: Soned2.exe (250 KB) (info)
Current version: 1.03
{|style="width:320px;padding:4px 10px" class="toc"
|align="left" width="40px"|[[Image:Download.svg|35px|link=Special:FilePath/{{{file}}}]]
[[Media:{{{file}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:120%">Download {{ #if: {{{title|}}} | {{{title}}} | {{PAGENAME}} }}</span>]]
<div style="font-size:80%">'''File:'''  <span style="font-size:95%">{{{file}}} {{#if:{{{filesize|}}}|({{{filesize}}})|}} ([[:File:{{{file}}}|info]])</span><br>
{{ #if: {{{version|}}} |'''Current version:'''  <span style="font-size:95%">{{{version}}}</span>|}}</div>

How's this? I added some padding to give the icon some horizontal room, linked the icon to the file directly, and added (info) after the filesize. --PicklePower 05:02, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

Multi-download box...


Download Gens/GS
Multiple downloads available

{|style="width:475px;padding:4px 10px" class="toc"
|align="left" style="vertical-align:top;padding:8px 0" width="40px"|[[Image:Download.svg|35px|link=]]
<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:120%">Download {{name}}</span><br>
<span style="font-size:95%">Multiple downloads available</span><br>
{{ #if: {{{file1|}}} | <div style="border-bottom:1px dotted #999;padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file1}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename1}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize1}}}) ([[:File:{{{file1}}}|info]])</span></div>| '''See [[Template:Multidownload]] on how to use this template.''' }}
{{ #if: {{{file2|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file3|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file2}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename2}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize2}}}) ([[:File:{{{file2}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file3|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file4|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file3}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename3}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize3}}}) ([[:File:{{{file3}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file4|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file5|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file4}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename4}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize4}}}) ([[:File:{{{file4}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file5|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file6|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file5}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename5}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize5}}}) ([[:File:{{{file5}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file6|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file7|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file6}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename6}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize6}}}) ([[:File:{{{file6}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file7|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file8|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file7}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename7}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize7}}}) ([[:File:{{{file7}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file8|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file9|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file8}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename8}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize8}}}) ([[:File:{{{file8}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file9|}}} | <div style="{{ #if: {{{file10|}}}||border-bottom:1px dotted #999;}}padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file9}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename9}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize9}}}) ([[:File:{{{file9}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}
{{ #if: {{{file10|}}} | <div style="padding:3px 0">[[Media:{{{file10}}}|<span style="font-weight:bold">{{{filename10}}}</span>]] <span style="font-size:80%">({{{filesize10}}}) ([[:File:{{{file10}}}|info]])</span></div>| }}

And this should be the Wikicode...I say should because I still need a chance to test it. Supports up to 10 files. --PicklePower 16:57, 27 October 2009 (UTC)