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[[File:{{{image}}}|center|link=|32x32px]] This image is a box scan or promotional image box cover of a {{{console}}} video game. Box scans are free to use under fair use. All copyright to this image is held by the companies who developed and published this game. Sega of America and expressly disclaims any obligation, responsibility and/or liability with respect to any content or accuracy of information contained on this website.

Image tags for scans. Saves having to maintain several dozen copies of the copyright text etc. Setting "an" to yes turns "a Atari ST box scan" into "an Atari ST box scan".

| image=
| console=
| an=

NOTE: When using BoxScanImageTag in another template, be sure to define the following variables:


Replace SHORT_CONSOLE_NAME with the appropriate short console name (e.g. "Wii" or "Mega Drive").