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old season 1 and 2 table:

Title JP Airdate US Airdate FR Airdate Character Cards
1 Enter the Supersonic Hero!
EN: Chaos Control Freaks
FR: L'arrivée de Sonic (Sonic's Arrival)
06/04/2003 23/08/2003 19/11/2003 Sonic / Sam Speed
2 Infiltrate! Area 99
EN: Sonic to the Rescue
FR: Zone 99 (Area 99)
13/04/2003 13/09/2003 26/11/2003 Cream / Cheese
3 Dr. Eggman's Ambition
EN: Missile Wrist Rampage
FR: Robotnik contre-attaque (Robotnik Counter-Attack)
20/04/2003 20/09/2003 03/12/2003 Knuckles / Amy Rose
4 Get the Chaos Emerald!
EN: Chaos Emerald Chaos
FR: A la recherche de l'Emeraude du Chaos (In Search of the Chaos Emerald)
27/04/2003 27/09/2003 10/12/2003 Dr. Eggman / Chuck Thorndyke
5 Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles
EN: Cracking Knuckles
FR: Duel au sommet (Clash at the Summit)
04/05/2003 04/10/2003 17/12/2003 Chris Thorndyke / Tails
6 Fierce Battle! School Wars
EN: Techno Teacher
FR: Le maître d'école (The Professor)
11/05/2003 11/10/2003 Decoe / Bocoe
7 Giant Free For All! Chris' House Party
EN: Party Hardly
FR: La fête à la maison (The House Party)
18/05/2003 18/10/2003 Ella / Mr. Tanaka
8 Emergency Launch! X Tornado
EN: Satellite Swindle
FR: La guerre des satellites (War of the Satellites)
25/05/2003 25/10/2003 Tornado 2 / X Tornado
9 Amy on the Beach
EN: The Last Resort
FR: Coquillages et crustacés (Shellfish and Crustaceans)
01/06/2003 01/11/2003 E-38 Octoron / E-39 Quizon
10 Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team
EN: Unfair Ball
FR: La belle équipe (The Good Team)
08/06/2003 08/11/2003 Bokkun / E-21 Ballios
11 The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge Arrives
EN: Fly Spy
FR: Le vol de la chauve-souris (The Flight of the Bat)
15/06/2003 15/11/2003 Rouge / E-70 Noizi
12 Before the Attack on Eggman's Base
EN: Beating Eggman, Part 1
FR: Echec à Robotnik, partie 1 (Robotnik's Fall, Part 1)
22/06/2003 22/11/2003 X Cyclone / E-35 Fanfan
13 After the Attack on Eggman's Base
EN: Beating Eggman, Part 2
FR: Echec à Robotnik, partie 2 (Robotnik's Fall, Part 2)
29/06/2003 29/11/2003 Danny / E-18 Guerra-Hard
14 Chase After the Hero Sonic!
EN: That's What Friends Are For
FR: La chasse au héros (Hunting Heroes)
06/07/2003 06/12/2003 Helen / Frances
15 The Mobile Fortress Attacks
EN: Skirmish in the Sky
FR: Le retour de Robotnik (The Return of Robotnik)
13/07/2003 13/12/2003 Eggfort / E-42 Torole
16 On Sight! The Sunken Ship in Southern Sea
EN: Depths of Danger
FR: Plongée dans les mers du sud (Diving in the South Sea)
20/07/2003 17/01/2004 Crab / E-57 Clurken
17 Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger
EN: The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk
FR: Les Griffes du Diables (The Devil's Claw)
27/07/2003 24/01/2004 Hawk / E-91 Kunoichi
18 Huge Shoot-out on the Savannah
EN: The Dam Scam
FR: La bataille dans la savane (Battle on the Savannah)
03/08/2003 31/01/2004 Cheetah / E-65 Gorru-Gaooh
19 The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle
EN: Sonic's Scream Test
FR: Le château hanté (The Haunted Castle)
10/08/2003 07/02/2004 Boom / King Boom Boo
20 Departure! Egg Fort II
EN: Cruise Blues
FR: Une belle croisière (A Beautiful Cruise)
17/08/2003 14/02/2004 BaBang / BaBaBang
21 Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam
EN: Fast Friends
FR: A toute vitesse! (Full Speed!)
24/08/2003 21/02/2004 Rocket Car / E-45 Sumo-Man
22 Summer Vacation Chao Observation Diary
EN: Little Chao Lost
FR: Une belle découverte (A Nice Discovery)
31/08/2003 28/02/2004 E-66 Dadaioh / Chao
23 Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds
EN: Emerald Anniversary
FR: La sixième Emeraude (The Sixth Emerald)
07/09/2003 06/03/2004 Bang / E-74 Weazo
24 Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation
EN: How to Catch a Hedgehog
FR: Le coureur fou (The Crazy Rider)
14/09/2003 13/03/2004 E-88 Lightning Bird / Eggfort II
25 The Last Chaos Emerald
EN: A Dastardly Deed
FR: La dernière Emeraude (The Last Emerald)
21/09/2003 20/03/2004 E-77 Lucky / Topaz
26 The Birth of Super Sonic
EN: Countdown to Chaos
FR: Super Sonic est né (Super Sonic is Born)
28/09/2003 27/03/2004 E-99 Egg Emperor
27 The Beginning of the Disaster
EN: Pure Chaos
FR: Le commencement du désastre (The Beginning of the Disaster)
05/10/2003 18/09/2004 28/04/2004 Big / Chaos
28 The Puzzle of the Liquid Life Form, Chaos
EN: A Chaotic Day
FR: L'apparition du Chaos (The Emergence of Chaos)
12/10/2003 25/09/2004 05/05/2004 Egg Hornet / Chaos 4
29 Amy the Captive
EN: A Robot Rebels
FR: La capture d'Amy (Amy's Capture)
19/10/2003 02/10/2004 12/05/2004 E-102 Gamma / Froggy
30 Egg Carrier Battle
EN: Head's Up, Tails
FR: Robotnik se surpasse (Robotnik Surpasses Himself)
26/10/2003 09/10/2004 19/05/2004 Egg Carrier / Chaos 6
31 Gamma the Wanderer
EN: Revenge of the Robot
FR: Un bon robot (A Good Robot)
02/11/2003 16/10/2004 26/05/2004 Lily / E-101 Kai
32 The Scream of Perfect Chaos
EN: Flood Fight
FR: Le Chaos total (Total Chaos)
09/11/2003 23/10/2004 02/06/2004 Tikal / Perfect Chaos
33 The Puzzle of Project Shadow
EN: Project: Shadow
FR: Le projet Shadow (Project Shadow)
16/11/2003 30/10/2004 09/06/2004 Egg Mobile / Gerald Robotnik
34 Sonic the Fugitive
EN: Shadow Knows
FR: On recherche Sonic (Wanted Sonic)
23/11/2003 06/11/2004 16/06/2004 Big Foot / Hot Shot
35 Escape From Prison Island
EN: Sonic's Big Break
FR: L'évasion de Sonic (Sonic's Escape)
30/11/2003 13/11/2004 Laser Hunter / Flying Dog
36 Threat From Outer Space
EN: Shadow World
FR: La menace de l'espace (The Threat from Space)
07/12/2003 20/11/2004 Space Colony ARK / Egg Golem
37 Space Colony ARK Battle
EN: Robotnik's Revenge
FR: Combat sur l'Arche (Fight on the Ark)
14/12/2003 27/11/2004 Shadow / Maria
38 Maria's Request, Everyone's Request
EN: Showdown in Space
FR: Le voeu de Maria (Maria's Wish)
21/12/2003 04/12/2004 Biolizard / Final Lizard
39 The Chaotix Detective Agency
EN: Defective Detectives
FR: Les nouveaux arrivants (The Newcomers)
28/12/2003 11/12/2004 Vector / Espio / Charmy
40 Eggman Corporation
EN: Sunblock Solution
FR: Une affaire juteuse (A Good Deal)
04/01/2004 18/12/2004 Vanilla / Scarlet Garcia
41 We Can See the Light!
EN: Eggman for President
FR: Que la lumière soit (Let There Be Light)
11/01/2004 22/01/2005 Jerome Wise / Christina Cooper
42 Amy, Love's Escape Journey?!
EN: A Date to Forget
FR: Un beau lapin (A Beautiful Rabbit)
18/01/2004 29/01/2005 Emerl / Bomb Tank
43 Huge Home Electronics Panic!
EN: Mean Machines
FR: La revanche des appareils ménagers (Revenge of the Appliances)
25/01/2004 06/02/2005 Miranda Curtis / Gatyamecha
44 The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle
EN: The Sewer Search
FR: Mission presque impossible (Mission Almost Impossible)
01/02/2004 12/02/2005 Stewart's Car / Egg Spider
45 Sonic Battle - Face Off!!
EN: Prize Fights
FR: Un concours passionnant (An Exciting Competition)
08/02/2004 19/02/2005 Emer Johnson / Next
46 Sonic Battle - Finale!!
EN: A Wild Win
FR: Le combat final (The Final Battle)
15/02/2004 26/02/2005 Knuckles / Cream
47 Decisive Battle on the Equator!!
EN: Map of Mayhem
FR: Le nombril du monde (The Navel of the World)
22/02/2004 05/03/2005 Dr. Atsumi / Egg Giant-Makan
48 Sonic vs Monster from the Underground
EN: The Volcanic Venture
FR: Le continent disparu (The Lost Continent)
29/02/2004 12/03/2005 Mothmacin / Mongroun
49 The Day the Earth Stood Still
EN: The Beginning of the End
FR: Un coup de froid (A Cold Snap)
07/03/2004 12/03/2005 Tails / Dr. Eggman
50 Morning of Farewells
EN: Running Out of Time
FR: Un triste matin (A Sad Morning)
14/03/2004 19/03/2005 Amy Rose / Rouge
51 Chris' Long Journey
EN: Friends 'Til the End
FR: Le voyage de Chris (Chris' Journey)
21/03/2004 19/03/2005 Nelson Thorndyke / Linsey Thorndyke
52 Memories of the Wind
EN: A New Start
FR: Souvenirs, souvenirs (Memories, Memories)
28/03/2004 26/03/2005 none

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There are a frightening amount of Sonic X DVD scans here, covering all sorts of regions. Covers, discs and other garbage, most of which just needs copying over. The above site doesn't have the best quality control in the world - some are labeled wrongly or are of second-class quality, but it's better than nothing. It's unlikely you'll see better Swedish scans on the net.

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