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Hmm... OK, we conclude from this that the music is beyond me. I'd ask User:Hivebrain or User:Scarred Sun on their talk pages. Looking at the Sonic the Hedgehog OSV, it appears that Retro does something rather intricate with the music that I certainly can't make heads or tails of.

And while this ISN'T Pumpkin Hill, I'll ramble about layout. I don't think you need Purpose as it's own one-section heading; just lump that in with the introductory info above the Table of Contents. Appearence / divisions / versions is fine; Animals / enemies is good info to have (although there's a whole lotta empty space next to the tables - though I certainly don't know how to evade that).

Upgrade, like purpose, seems a bit excessive to give a single point its own section; maybe just lump that in above the Table of Contents too? I.E:

Dry Lagoon is the second stage in the Dark storyline of Sonic Adventure 2 and the first stage playable with Rouge. As it is a hunting stage, the goal, as with Sonic Adventure, is to find the three shards of the Master Emerald hidden in that level. Rouge's Mystic Melody upgrade can be found here - though it requires the Pick Nails to access.

Maybe condense all the Locations into one section:

  • Locations
Emerald Shards - Hard
Big the Cat

This is just off the top of my head. Since you're the one working on it atm, I think you get to set the precedent, so long as it's consistent. :) Frozen Nitrogen 12:07, 2 June 2009 (CDT)

Assuming it's possible to verify that such a list is definitive and complete, would it be worth compiling a list of piece locations in normal mode? From what I've compiled so far, there are somewhere around a hundred possibilities in each stage, which needless to say would take quite a bit of space. Would such a list belong in another namespace? Should there just be one nine-part article listing the pieces in each stage?
MP3s are stored on their own subdomain, so they shouldn't be uploaded on the wiki. You can get the filenames from Multi-dimensional Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track. - Hivebrain 12:21, 2 June 2009 (CDT)

All right then, but if we lump purpose and story with the introductory section of each one, I think that some of those will just become cluttered. I'm looking at Route 101 for example. Any suggestions on that? I agree that Upgrade goes here though, I'll change that now. The animal/enemies tables, yeah I have no idea what to do about that, since there's a lot of space. I do have all the locations of animals for example, but it would be clutter the article if we put them under the locations part as well, won't it? Locations will include emerald shards hard and big the cat. Thanks for the music link. I'll do this now.

Oh yeah, I think it would look a lot better if the name was next to the .mp3 file, instead of somehwere in the article. for example: music: Bright Sound
mp3 part

I did it on Pumkin Hill. Looks neat. If we could include the OSV link like in the SA pages, it would be even better, but someone has to edit the template and I don't know how to do it. I'll do the music part for the others. If anyone thinks it stinks, do say. -Orange

Worked out how to get tables on the same line. This can certainly be used to cut out the yawning voids on the side of Animals / Enemies... buy if you try to cram the Shards table in there too it falls off the edge (in my browser, anyway). SEE BELOW.
With regard to Purpose... fine, I see your point with regard to Route 101, but in that case it might be wise to write a Route-101-esque plotline summary of what's brought Rouge to Dry Lagoon, what's happened in recent cutscenes, where she goes next, etc. Just so the Purpose section isn't a single sentence in any of the articles.
If you have the info (and patience) to upload the animal locations, you could do it under the tables in the Animals / Enemy section and then just have locations as "Other locations"...?
I'll get on the SA template ASAP (assuming someone else hasn't done it already...) THEY HAD Frozen Nitrogen 14:22, 2 June 2009 (CDT)

Animals & Enemies

Name Number Number (Hard Mode)
Gold Beetle 1 1
Gun Hawk 2 6
Rhino Cannon 2 4
Boom Boo 0 5
Animal Number
Bat 4
Boar 1
Cheetah 2
Half fish 1
Skeleton Dog 2
Total 10
What about this, assuming that I can rip all of them?
Animal Number
<iimg>Cheetah!Cheetah.png</iimg> 4
<iimg>Cheetah!Cheetah.png</iimg> 1
<iimg>Cheetah!Cheetah.png</iimg> 2
<iimg>Cheetah!Cheetah.png</iimg> 1
<iimg>Cheetah!Cheetah.png</iimg> 2
Total 10


Emerald shard Requirements Hints
#1 Under the mountain?

A rusty steel platform above.

Under the mountain with round tracks.

#2 Shovel Claw Lively cheer from the skulls.

In the rocky wall.

A place where the flame crosses.

#3 Sunglasses There is a secret in that church!

Do you have your sunglasses?

Try wearing your sunglasses at the top of the Church...

A plot summary instead of purpose eh? I can agree with that. The mission is in the box to the right to begin with. That line was in Wild Canyon before I edited, that's why I put it there anyway. I didn't want to trample on those who started the project.

About the animal locations, I was thinking about an extra column with the explanation of where they are, not screenshots. If this is put in the article, then the animal section could completely go under Locations. Excelent at the animal images. It's an excelent idea, rip them and post them. Do we mantaign the name or remove them though?

About the enemy list, I checked other articles and there's no enemy count and there's a list instead. A friend of mine also told me that the DC and GC have different number of enemies in several levels. Perhaps we could cut that table out?

About the OSV link like the SA levels, anyone can help on that?


All right:

All it's left to do is plot, that I'll do tommorow. And the rest of the animal images as well, which I don't have.


The stuff on the talk pages looks good for plot summary. And I've done the OSV/T thing, as you probably noticed. :) Frozen Nitrogen 18:17, 2 June 2009 (CDT)
Yeah, but only a few of them have the plot summary. In those 4, only Route 101 has it. Thanks for the OSV. I need the animals though, can you upload them soon?
"Aquatic Mine is the only treasure hunting stage that doesn't surround the level with a forced U-turn barrier, and the only level in all of SA2 that doesn't have a "kill plane" polygon no matter how far the player travels in any direction, perhaps owing to its design as a small, completely enclosed stage."
Also, isn't Wild Canyon this as well? It's enclosed in walls, so Knuckles never has to go back. Now that I see it, isn't the same with Dry Lagoon and Security Hall, along with the Death Chamber and Egg Quarters? Or are we talking about breaking the wall limits and trying to go forward and u-turning from there?
It was User:Scarred Sun that added the animals, not me! And I can't tell you anything about the level boundary conditions - the last time I played SA2 was in 2001, shortly before my Dreamcast died. RIP. :( Frozen Nitrogen 20:53, 2 June 2009 (CDT)
Ah thanks for explaining. I will send a pm / something else to this person, asking for the rest of the images. About the boundary thing, I'll ask at the end of the edits then, with all my doubts. :)
The thing about Aquatic Mine is that that level is entirely contiguous. Wild Canyon and Dry Lagoon each have those four secret rooms floating far off to the left of the starting position. Death Chamber has three secret rooms, plus--contrary to the map sprite--the path from the red room to the blue room is disconnected from each of its endpoints, a fact cleverly concealed by dig warps. Egg Quarters is almost contiguous, but those two rooms where you typically do stuff related to the lost chao are again far away from everything else.
Of course, one would think that having to expand the stage size to accommodate isolated rooms far away from everything else would be a reason to remove a U-turn barrier, not institute one, but that's just trying to assume that the game was designed sensibly. I have been outside the walls of each of those stages, in several ways (there's that "designed sensibly" assumption again), and can confirm with absolute certainty that the stated behavior is true. - SadisticMystic



If someone could get the Death Chamber and Egg Quarters maps that are on the walls, it would be useful.

There is no wall map for Egg Quarters. I might have the Death Chamber map sprite somewhere here--I asked for, and eventually received, that sprite rip as a means of assisting me in forming a more detailed level map, but it actually turned out not to be all that helpful, and that was a while ago so I don't remember if I deleted it or not. -SM


It needs the bear image though. And my apologies, it's not a sheep but a ram, and it's not a boar, but a warthog. Even so the links to the articles are correct now, but the name of the images isn't, not that it matter, but here stays the correction.

I can't make the music work there, for some reason. Isn't Vengence mispelled in the OSV? I added a lot of drafts here and there today and yesterday, I'm very disorganized and it sucks to be in the same level for long, yet I will conclude them as I've doing it to the others.

The reason it didn't work is BECAUSE it was misspelled... but in a slightly different way. Anyway, I've fixed it. :) Frozen Nitrogen 22:28, 4 June 2009 (CDT)

I won't edit anything for a week due to some holidays but I'm not leaving like a rat. I WILL complete this.

And if someone coud fix the music on Mad Space, I'd appreciate it.


Better start at what to do:

I'm sorry if I haven't finished this yet, but my pc drive died, so every information of where everything of these levels were was lost. I'll start up today, if my DC doesn't act up again.