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First seen: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)
Rarity: Viral
Description: Bonded character is avoided by enemy attacks except as last surviving target.

Stugs is a chao from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. In this game, chao eggs can be found scattered around the stages, and once hatched, the chao take up residence in the chao garden. From here they can be equipped to accompany characters into battle, where the different chao confer various beneficial status effects.

In general, the higher a chao's rarity, the better the status effect will be. Along with 40 collectible chao available in-game, there were 5 secret "viral" chao, intended to be made available at a series of official events. The event for Stugs was the only event which was actually held, at a launch event at the Nintendo Store. The other events were apparently canceled due to poor attendance at the first, and Stugs was never made available again. As a result, these chao are now completely unavailable to Western players (without savestate manipulation). In the later Japanese release of the game, four of the chao were available in-game via secret codes in the chao garden. The code for Stugs is XXYBBAYX.


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